Orange: Hey! Hey, Shelly!

Shelly: How can I help you, Orange?

Orange: Shelly! Hey! Hey, Shelly!

Shelly: What?

Orange: Marco!

Shelly: Polo!

Orange: Marco! (There is silence for a few seconds.)

Both: Polo!

Shelly: Jinx! You owe me a Coke!

Orange: Okay!

Coke: Hey! What's the big idea?

Shelly: Thanks!

Coke: (screams)

Orange's Brother: (offscreen) YEAH! MY HOUSE!

Orange: What the heck was that?

Orange's Brother: It's me, little bro!

Orange: Hey, big brother! You're back!

Orange's Brother: I hope you've been safe and not hurt lately.

Orange: No, I haven't.

Pear: Hey, Orange! I got you a Butterfinger!

Butterfinger: Please don't eat me!

Pear: Whoa! Who is that?

Orange's Brother: SHUT UP! (beats up Pear)

Pear: Ow!

Orange: What did you do?!

Orange's Brother: I thought he was a bad guy.

Midget Apple: Oh, no! A new version of Orange!

Orange's Brother: Be quiet, you little midget!

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple!

Orange's Brother: SHUT UP! (beats up Midget Apple)

Midget Apple: Ouch!

Orange: Oh! Here comes a drum! Hey! Hey, Drum! Got any drumsticks? (laughs)

Drum: You are too annoying!

Orange: I'm not annoying! I'm an orange!

Orange's Brother: Did you just annoy Drum?!

Orange: Oh, no!

Orange's Brother: (beats up Orange)

Orange: Hey! Hey, big brother!

Orange's Brother: What?

Orange: Knife!

Orange's Brother: (screams)

Orange: I guess he's now going up to heaven.

Orange's Sister: Yeah, he is.

Gang: (screams)

Orange: LIttle sister! Not you again!

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