Orange: (to the tune of the SpongeBob theme) How do you feel when there's nothing to do? Bored, bored, bored, bored! (laughs) I'm bored. Literally. (The phone rings.) I'll get it! Hello? Hi, Dad! What? You want me to move? But my friends would be sad! Okay, I'll pack my bags. Bye.

Pear: Who was that?

Orange: My dad.

Marshmallow: What did he say?

Orange: I'll tell you after I have a yo mama smackdown with Pear.

Pear: Yo mama smackdown? Okay.... let's see here..... I got one! Yo mama's so ugly, her face is closed on weekends.

Orange: (chuckling) Yo mama's so fat, when she goes to the movies, she sits next to everybody!

Pear: Yo mama's so hairy, she looks like Donkey Kong!

Orange: (bursts into laughter) You got me! Here's my next one. Yo mama's so fat, she couldn't even walk, and when she got too fat to walk, she sang, "We are family! Even though you're fatter than me!" (laughs)

Pear: Yeah? Well, yo mama's so fat, when she gets on an elevator, she has to go down!

Orange: Yo mama's so hairy, she shaves her forehead!

Pear: Yo mama's so stupid, she opened a bag of M&M's and said, "Where's the rapper?"

M&M's: Hey!

Orange: Yo mama's so fat, she has to have cheat codes for Wii Fit!

Pear: You're killing me! Yo mama's so slow, she can't complete a single level of both versions of New Super Mario Bros! The DS version and the Wii version!

Orange: Okay, you win.

Pear: So what's the bad news?

Orange: You all will be sad. Extremely sad!

Midget Apple: Just get on with it!

Orange: My father called, and he said I need to move back!

Pear: Are you going to?

Orange: Don't be too sad for this. Yes, I am.

Marshmallow: What? (crying)

Midget Apple: It's alright, little buddy.

Pear: Wait. You're actually moving?

Orange: Yeah.

Pear: Good luck with the rest of your life. It was good with you here, but I don't want you to move!

Orange: Pear, I have to!

Passion: You have to move?! Noooooo!

Orange: It's okay.

Marshmallow: (sniffling) I had a blast with you, but we can't go on without you!

Orange: Yeah, I know. I gotta go pack my bags.

Voice: After packing bags, Orange's family comes.

Orange: Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Pear: Don't worry. We can still come visit.

Orange: Bye!

Papa Orange: Come on, Orange.

Voice: 2 months later....

Orange: I better go get the door.

Pear: Hey, Orange! Guess what? I get to stay with you!

Orange: Wow! Ooh! Hey! Hey, Paper!

Paper: What?

Orange: Water!


Orange: Whoa! That put the "dis" in "dissolve" (laughs) Ooh, ow!

Papa Orange: Hey, you must be Orange's friend!

Pear: Yeah, that's right! Guess what, Papa Orange? I get to stay with Orange! My mom said!

Orange: She did? Cool!

Pear: And it did put the "dis" in "dissolve"!

All: (laughing)

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