Gang: Orange?

Pear: You're alive?

Orange: Yeah! I knew he was gonna knife me the whole time. And by the way.... that was actually an inflatable me.

Pear: What?!

Midget Apple: Yes! You're alive!

Orange: Yeah, now hop in!

Voice: 20 seconds later..... finally happy......

Pear: So let me get this straight: That wasn't the real you that got knifed?

Orange: It wasn't the real me. I just hid in one of the cabinets where Habanero couldn't see me.

Pear: Oh, you are such a sly fruit!

Orange: (laughs) No, you are!

Pear: Hey!

Orange: Ha!

Grapefruit: Usually I know when things are fake. But this time, I didn't know that you were hiding in the cabinets.

Orange: Whaaaaat?

Pear: And that did ring a bell.... PEPPER!

Gang: (in Regular Show style) OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pear: We're here!

Orange: Ah, kitchen counter.

Cheese Cracker: That was weird.

Orange: How did you know?

Cheese Cracker: I was hiding behind the fake you, and as Knife got the fake, I saw it pop!

Orange: Oh, ho, ho, ho! So it popped!

Strawberry: What popped?

Orange: You did! OOOOOOHHHHHHH!

Strawberry: What?

Orange: Knife!


Pear: (groans) Let's just ignore Orange now.

(everyone leaves the kitchen)

Orange: Aw, man...

To Be Continued....

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