AO Blacksmith Grapefruit

Blacksmith Grapefruit

AO Tater Wizard

Tater Wizard

Orange and his friends were just at the kitchen doing stuff. At that time, Pear and Ice-cube were playing RPG. Suddenly, as Midget Apple was readng the book of spells, he suddenly found a spell to put everyone into an RPG game. Orange asked how to use it so Midget Apple read the magic words so all of them got sucked into the game. Now, what will happen next?

Characters as:

Orange as Sir Orange

Pear as Warrior Emerald
AO Warrior Emerald

Warrior Emerald

AO Sir Orange

Sir Orange

Passion Fruit as Princess Passion
AO Princess Passion

Princess Passion

Marshmallow as Singer Of The Woods

Grapefruit as Blacksmith Grapefruit

Midget Apple as Little Knight

Snowball as Frost Sorcerer

Ice Cube as Frozen Guard

Durian as King Durian

Tomato as Red Guard

Blueberry as Blue Elf

Meteortron as The Dark King

Tater of DC as Tater Wizard

Apple as Joker


Orange: Bored, as a board on wood chop board. (sigh) I'm bored.

Pear: My Warrior Emerald uses Slash Of Might at your Frozen Guard.

Ice Cube: My Frozen Guard casts Deep Freeze on you Warrior Emerald. You have now been frozen.

Orange: Hey! Hey Pear!

Pear: Not right now orange. I'm playing an RPG.

Orange: You mean Raspberry Poop Gardens? Hahaha!

Pear: No! Its Role Playing Game.

Orange: What? I thought that was Roll Playing Game?

(screen Moves to Egg Roll playing games)

Egg Roll: Hey orange.

Orange: Hey, hey role!

Egg Roll: Yeah?

Orange: Knife!

Egg Roll: Huh? (screams)

(egg Roll gets cut in half)

Orange: Woah! Now thats something you don't wanna chick out! Hahahaha!

Midget Apple: Hmm...

Orange: Hey Midget Apple! What are you reading?

Midget Apple: Its the book of spells I read that made me big and those other Apples small. And its little apple!

Orange : What smell did you find?

Midget Apple: Uhh... Make fruits fly... Summon Rock Golems... Create Flares...

Orange: Bored! Hey let me blow the book! Maybey it will turn to a page with cooll spells!

(Orange blows at the book of spells and the book turnd. The book also made dust come out)

Midget Apple: (coughs)

Orange: Hey! Could you tiny up already and get to the spell? Hahahahha!

Midget Apple: It's a spell you can use to go inside RPGs.

Orange: You mean Raspberry Poop Gardens?

Midget Apple: Role Playing Games!

Orange: Whatever! Hey! How do you use the spell.

Midget Apple: To use the spell, just say " Games of the middle ages, play with me, open a portal, to RPG! "

(a portal opens)

Everybody: (screams)

(Everybody gets sucked into the portal)

Orange: Woah... Where am I? And why am I in this giant crate?

(Orange struggles to get out of the crate and succeeded)

Orange: Woah! What is this place?

Tater Wizard: Hey, it's Sir Orange!

Orange: No I'm not, I'm an orange!

Tater Wizard: Sir, don't waste the grattitude you've earned on your name, okay?

Orange: Huh?

Tater Wizard: Anyways, the King wants to speak to a guard . He says he wants to give them a mission.

Orange: Waa? Then why are all the guards outside?

Tater Wizard: It's mostly because all of his missions are super hard!

(they hear an angry voice . A throne got thrown out of the Throne Room)

Tater Wizard: Uh oh. Looks like the kings getting angry. Someone better turn up , quick! We don't like it if he's angry.

Orange: I'll do it!

Other guards: Huuuuh!!! (looks at each other) (whispers to each other about orange) and (stares at orange)

Orange: Hey... Whats going on?

Tater Wizard: No ones ever agreed to turn themselves to the king and except his missions with ease like that!

Orange: Well... How hard could it be?

Tater Wizard: You know Cherry Guard?

Orange: Hey, I think I know him! He had red all over his face!

Tater Wizard: No, he accepted the king's mission and... Umm...

(Screen moves to Cherry Guard's grave)

Orange: (Screws up face)

(Orange walks into the Throne Room)

King Durian: Ooh! Finally! Someones brave enough to except my mission!

Orange: Forget that! You smell funny!

King Durian: How dare you! I'm gonna...

Joker: Be patient sir... If you try to seize him, no one else would accept your mission.

King Durian: I don't care! He said I smell funny!

Orange: And you look like an ugly yellow pea in a beggar's sack! Hahahaha!

King Durian: Rrr!

Joker: Remember, patience. (whispers) Sir, if he accepts your mission, he might die in the progress. Thats even having his head off.

King Durian: (whispers) But what if he's smart enough to complete this mission without any torcure?

Orange: (Babbles)

King Durian: ... I agree ...

King Durian : Very well then... Huha... I shall give you the mission as promised...

Orange: Yaaay!

King Durian : (throws a paper that contains what orange must do)

Orange: Hey... This isn't a mission, this is a piece of paper!

King Durian: (mouthpalm) The missions written on it!!! Now Go!

Orange: Geez, don't get so angry about it. Your the one who's to lazy to say out the missions.

King Durian: (in an angry way trying to be patient because of his annoyence)... Please.... Gooo....

Orange: Oh wait! I know why! Your mouth must stink too! Hahaha!

King Durian: (In an angry way) Go!!!!

(Orange goes out of the throne room)

Orange: Now lets see what Mr. Stinkypants informed me to do.

Warrior Emerald: Hello.

Orange: Hey! Pear! Your back!

Warrior Emerald: What?

Orange: Hey! Hey Pear!

Warrior Emerald: Oh how can I make this straight... I am Warrior Emerald.

Orange: What? Your not an emerald nor a fruit! What are you?

Warrior Emerald: I'm a pear but people call me..

Orange: The guy who doesn't have hair? Hahahaha!

Warrior Emerald: Sir orange, as you must know... We guards have to respect each other and...

Orange: Call each other what we look like? Hahaha!

Warrior Emerald: Rrrr! Anyways... The king sent me to help you complete your mission.

Orange: What mission?

Warrior Emerald: The one the king gave you...

Orange: What? He only gave me this piece of paper!

Warrior Emerald: (mouthpalm) The missions written on it...

Orange: What do you mean? All I can see is blank!

Warrior Emerald: Your reading it , from behind...

Orange: Ohh! He wants me to defeat the dark king! Easy as pie!

Warrior Emerald: Okay, is this the worst torcure felt by all of the people who accepted the king's mission?

Orange: What? Aren't you only the guy who helps the guy that accepted the king's mission?

Warrior Emerald: No, its just... Argh!!!

Orange: Oh yeah, how are you gonna help me anyway?

Warrior Emerald: I'll explain on the way...Now lets go!

Orange: Hey! Guy with no hair follow not lead! Hahahaha!

(Orange and Warrior Emerald walks into the forest)

Orange: Ugh... Are we there yet?

Warrior Emerald: No, we still have a long jorney ahead.

Orange: Really? Because the jorney ahead of me doesn't have hair! Hahaha!

Warrior Emerald: (sigh)

(screen suddenly turns into a magical orb that the dark king (Meteortron) is looking at to observe orange)

The Dark King: Oh, looks like some idiots are trying to defeat me! No matter... I'l give them a surprise along the way... (evil laugh)

(Orange and Pear taking a break at a cerulean pond)

Warrior Emerald: Now, where should we go?

Orange: Ahead! Hahaha!

Warrior Emerald: Could you stop with the jokes!?

Orange: Oh come on! Stop being such an apple! (laughs)

Warrior Emerald: (sigh)

(a vortex is summoned in the cerulean pond)

Orange: Woah!

Warrior Emerald: Oh, no! Its, its!

(A giant teddy bear comes out of the vortex)

Warrior Emerald: .......... A... Giant Teddy bear...

Orange: Aww!

Warrior Emerald: Hey, w...

Orange: Hey!

Warrior Emerald: Shut up! I think I hear someone crying for help...But I don't know who and where it is....

(The Giant Teddy Bear's mouth open and Princess Passion (Passion fruit) appears and is trapped in side of it.

Princess Passion: Help!

Warrior Emerald: Holy Crap! Its princess passion! She's trapped inside that giant teddy bear!

Princess Passion: Guys! Help me! Its really scary in here! Its dark and has a weird laughing noise!

Giant Teddy Bear: I love you...

Orange: Look! Its a princess! Hey! Did you wear makeup?

Princes Passion: Yes?

Orange: Well you seem to have a plush at you cheeks! Hahaha!

Warrior Emerald: No time for puns!

(from ahead, the trolls criticize everything again.)

Troll 1: Lame!

Troll 2: Lame and fake.

Orange: Oh come on! Shut up already!

Warrior Emerald: Forget about them, Orange, we got serious things to do.

Troll 3: Yeah, go mind your own business.

Trolls: (all) Lame!!!

Giant Teddy Bear: (uses Flame of Love)

Orange and Warrior Emerald: (dodging) Whoa!

(The Flames hit the Trolls)

Trolls: (all screaming and then gets destroyed)

Orange: Woah!

Emerald Warrior: That was...

Orange: Outrages!

Princess Passion: Hello! Forgot about me?

Emerald Warrior: Oh yeah, forgot.

Orange: Sorry !

Tater Wizard: Hey guys!

Orange: Yaay! It's tater wizard!

Tater Wizard: The king sent me to help you.

Orange: Really? 'Cause I really thought he was an apple! Hahahaha!

Tater Wizard: Anything I can help you guys with?

Emerald Warrior: Yeah, that giant teddy bear...

Orange: It's plushing our way! Hahahaha!

Emerald Warrior: And, its...

Tater Wizard: No worries! With my magic, I can burn that toy!

Emerald Wizard: No! You'll hurt Princess Passion!

Tater Wizard: What?

Emerald Warrior: She's trapped inside the Teddy Bear!

Orange: Yeah! Its a real hug to us! Hahahaha!

Tater Wizard: Umm... Why don't you just get her out of there and destroy the Teddy Bear?

Emerald Wizard: (mouthpalm) Why didn't we think of that?

Orange: The guy who doesn't have hair... More like the guy who doesn't have a head! Hahahaha!

Troll 2: It's because your all lame! (burning) (screams)

Emerald Wizard: (pulls out a grappeling hook), (uses it to climb a tree), (jumps onto the Teddy Bear) and (Get Princess Passion out of it)

Orange: (grunts) Showoff...

Princess Passion: Thanks for getting me out of there guys!

Emerald Warrior: It's a ple...

Orange: Your welcome! Now lets go ahead!

Princess Passion: Where are you guys going?

Warrion Emerald: We're in a quest to defeat the dark king

Princess Passion: What? Thats dangerous! You know what? I'm gonna help you guys.

Tater Wizard: Me too.

Orange: Yaay!

Hours past and orange said:

Orange: Tater this evening! Hahahaha!

Tater Wizard: How do you put up with this guy?

Warrior Emerald: If you can survive a thousand dogs you can put up to with him...

(Frost Sorcerer appear in their journey)

Orange: Hey! It's Snowball!

Frost Sorcerer: Wrong! I am... Frost Sorcerer!

Orange: Your not a sos.

Frost Sorcerer: Your journey ends, NOW!

Orange: How?

Frost Sorcerer: (mouthpalm) I - am- going- to- kill- you...

Orange: I-am-going-to-laugh-at-you! Hahahaha!

Frost Sorcerer: Rrrr! Talk is cheap!

Orange: As well as your Sorcerer's Garb! Hahahaha!

Frost Sorcerer: (uses wand to cast a spell)

(orange blocks but Pear turned to Midget Sized)

Orange: Woah! Your a midget pear!

Emerald Warrior: (high pitch) Shut up!

Orange: Okay, okay... Your a hairless and headless midget pear! Hahahaha!

Emerald Warrior: Grr! Turn me back to normal!

Tater Wizard: Don't worry! (magic words)

(Pear turns back to normal size)

Frost Sorcerer: you might have dodged that, but you can't dodge this!

Orange: Yeah, we can't dodge you ego!

Frost Sorcerer: Blast magic spells rapidly at orange and the team

Orange: Woah! Chill out snowball! Hahahaha!

Princess Passion: Hiieaa! (Creates a force field)

Warrior Emerald and Orange: Woah!

Orange: She's not a princess Passion, she's a Psychic!

Tater Wizard: (Blasts magic)

Frost Sorcerer: Force field! Hahaha! Can't stop me now, can't you?

Joker: As the matter of fact we can (steals Frost Sorcerer's wand from behind and uses a fire spell)

Frost Sorcerer: What?! Noo........... (melts)

Orange: Woah!

Joker: And now, (casts a super sunlight spell)

Frost Sorcerer: (evaporating)

Warrior Emerald: Woah! Who are you?

Joker: I am... (reveals himself as grandpa lemon)

Orange: Yay! Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon : No time to talk. You must defeat the dark king and (sleep)

Orange: Grandpa Lemon? Oh well...

Frost Sorcerer: (evaporating) This isn't over! (Creates a portal using magic)

(Everyone except Frost Sorcerer gets sucked in)

Everyone: (screams)

Frost Sorcerer: Hahahaha!! Mwahahahaha! (Disappears after finished evaporating)

(Everyone got teleported to another forest)

Orange: Woah.... Where are we?

Warrior Emerald: That Frost Sorcerer must have teleported us to this forest!

Singer Of The Woods: (singing) Welcome, my veges and all other fruits, oh, and do you think that I am cute? (giggles)

Orange: Hey!! Its Marshamallow!

Warrior Emerald: Do you know a way to get to the Dark King?

Singer Of The Woods: (singing) If you dare you must only be brave, The Dark King awaits you in his souless dark cave.

Princess Passion: Aww... He's so cute! Wanna go with us to the journey to defeat the Dark King

Singer Of The Woods: (singing) It would be a pleasure to follow you there, remember that I am really hard to be scared! (giggles)

Tater Wizard: Okay! Lets go!

Frozen Guard: Halt one second there!

Warrior Emerald : Hey? What are you doing here?

Orange: Can't you see? He's Ice Blocking our path! Hahahahaha!

Frozen Guard: If you want to get through me, you'll have to defeat me!

Tater Wizard: Not a problem! (casts a spell on Frozen Guard)

(The spell was repelled)

Frozen Guard: Your mortal attacks can't defeat me!

Orange: Then how about a mortal song? Hit it Marshmallow!

Singer Of The Woods: (singing) If you feel a little bit sad on the day, then come with me and jump in a pile of hay! (giggles)

Frozen Guard: Shut up! Your mortal song makes my ears hurt!

Singer Of The Woods: (singing) There once was a hungry bear in the rain, then pandas came and gave him some sugar cane! (giggles)

Frozen Guard: Bears don't eat sugar cane! Stop singing already!

Orange :Hey, hey Ice Cube, Hey!

Frozen Guard: What!?

Orange: Flamethrower!

Frozen Guard: AAA!! (melting)

Emerald Warrior: Wait a second, how can a flamethrower appear in the middle ages?

Orange: I think its because Knives are classical enough. Hahahaha!

Little Knight: Hello... Give me a help here? (trapped in a force field)

Orange: Woah! Its Midget Knight!

Little Knight: It's little knight!

Princess Passion: Don't worry, I'll get you out of there. (casts a spell that destroys the force field)

Little Knight: Finally, I'm saved!

Warrior Emerald: How long were you trapped in there?

Little Knight: 7 years , but the force field stops time inside it so I don't age.

Orange: Really? Cause I thought it would be a midget longer? Hahahaha!

Little Knight: Its little longer! Oh hey, where are you guys going?

Orange: To defeat the Dark King

Little Knight: Geez, that sounds dangerous. I'll help!

Orange: Yeah, we do need a little help. Hahahaha!

Voice: So Sir Orange, Warrior Emerald, Princess Passion, Tater Wizard, Singer Of The Forest, and Midget Knight (Little Knight said "Little Knight!") continued their quest to defeat the Dark King

Orange: Finally... We're at the Cave.. Now wheres that Dark King

Medieval Robot: Halt! None shall pass!

Orange: Now this is getting rediculous

Medieval Robot: Prepare to die!

(The Medieval Robot suddenly exploded)

Tater Wizard: That was awkward...

Princess Passion: Agreed

Singer Of The Woods: Yay!

The Dark King: Ahah? So its the fools who the king sent to defeat me? I must a sure you, you will be dead before a minute!

Orange: How could you tell? You don't have a watch! Hahaha!

The Dark King: Die! (blasts Orange)

Orange: Woah! (Gets thud to the rocks nearby) oww...

Everyone Else except for The Dark King: Orange!

Warrior Emerald: You'll pay for that!

The Dark King: Sorry! I don't have any gold at the moment! Hahaha!

Orange: Hey! Meteor made a funny!

Tater Wizard: Warrior Emerald! No! Take this! (casts a freezing spell)

The Dark King: (repells the spell)

Tater Wizard: (frozen)

Singer Of The Forest: Uh oh!

The Dark King: I heard you like music? Why don't you listen to my ultra loud boom box!?

(the boom box sent a giant loud wave of music)

Singer Of The Forest: My ears feel tingly! (giggles)

(The stalagmites fall around Marshmallow trapping him)

Singer Of The Forest: Uh oh, Spaghettios! (giggles)

Little Knight: You'll pay for that! Hiyeah!

The Dark King: Hey! It's a midget knight!

Little Knight: (distracted) Its little knight! (gets kicked)

The Dark King: Now its your turn little girl!

Princess Passion: In your dreams! (sends a psycic wave)

The Dark King: Hah! I can resist all of your psycic attacks! Now take this!

(a giant boot kicks Princess Passion and Princess Passion gets thud to one of the rocks)

Princess Passion: Ow! Oh...

Orange: Princess Passion! What have I done...

The Dark King: Mwahahahahah! I win again!

Orange: Oh yeah? Thats because you never gave me a chance to attack you!

The Dark King: Try now!

Orange: Hey, hey Dark King, hey!

The Dark King: Yes?

Orange: Drink my juice!

The Dark King: Argh! Stop it! Your breaking me!

Orange: Hey Dark King! Hey!

The Dark King: Whaaaaaat!?!?!?!?

Orange: Waterfall!

The Dark King: Huh?

(A waterfall is created above The Dark King making him break and die)

Warrior Emerald: (waking up) Woah... You did it orange!

Tater Wizard: Way to go!

Little Knight: Now I don't mind you to call me a midget now!

Orange: Thanks Midget Knight!

Little Knight: Well... Maybe for just this week...

Princess Passion: Your our hero!

Orange: Haha! Thanks! (laughs)

The Singer Of The Forest: I know you guys are celebrating that's wise, but the water from the waterfall is about to rise!

Orange: Uh oh!

Tater Wizard: Don't worry dude! And a one, and two and (poofs back to the throne room)

King Durian: Woah! I din't see that coming! Wait, why are you all wet?

Orange: Forget that! The Dark King is no more!

King Durian: Well then, perhaps I shall give you a reward

(the guards bring a pile of gold and treasure)

Warrior Emerald: Dude! Your rich! (gets happy)

Princess Passion: Hooray for orange!

Orange: Aww... Its really great to play this all... But I belong where I belong... The real world!

Frost Sorcerer: Hmm... Yes..

Warrior Emerald: Oh no! Its frost sorcerer and Frozen Knight!

Frozen Knight: Well, since you defeated the Dark King, we are now free to do what we want!

Little Knight: So your joining forces?

Frozen Knight: Possitive

Orange: But how can I get back home?

Frost Sorcerer: Don't worry Sir Orange, I know a spell to do that!

Orange: Before I go home, I just wanna thank everyone here, for helping me and encouranging me, even though if you become mad at me.

King Durian: What?

Frost Sorcerer: The spell is ready!

Orange: Okay guys, bye!

Everyone else: Bye!

Orange: (jumps into the poral)

(Orange is back in the kitchen)

Orange: I'm back!

Everyone Else: Orange! Your back! Where have you been?

Orange: I went into a magical world!

Pear: Really? Was I in it?

Orange: You were a warrior named Warrior Emerald!

Pear: Cool!

Orange: But you still didn't have any hair! Hahahaha!

Pear: (grunts*)

Orange: And midget apple was a knight called Midget Knight!

Little Apple: I was? And its supposed to be Little Knight!

Orange: And, you said I can call you Midget Knight until the end of this week!

Little Apple: I did?

Orange: Yup!

Passion Fruit: What about me?

Orange: You were a pretty princess who me and Pear met trapped in a giant teddy bear!

Passion Fruit: Wait, why Teddy Bear?

Orange: And Grandpa Lemon was a joker who helped me defeat Snow Ball!

Orange: And Ice Cube and Snow Ball where my enemies. They were always trying to block our way! But, Snow Ball melted when Grandpa Lemon casted an evaporation spell while Ice Cube was melted by a Flamethrower!

Snow Ball: See, I'm totally awesome!

Ice Cube: Me too! But... Where did you get the Flamethrower?

Orange: And Marshmallow became a Singer Of The Forest!

Marshmallow: Yaay!

Trolls: Lame...

(Meteortron crashes Trolls)

Meteortron: And how about me? Mwahahahahaha!

Everyone Else: (screams)

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