Orange: Hey! Hey, Pear!

Pear: What?

Orange: What are you a pair of? Because I only see one of you! HAHAHAHA!

Pear: I don't get it. What did you say?

Orange: How come you say you're a pair of something, because I only see one of you!

Pear: Oh, you did not just say that!

Orange: I did.

Passion: Be quiet, Orange! I'm trying to read.

Orange: What are you reading?

Passion: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Orange: Ugh... I get sick of that book series!

Passion: (gasps) You take that back!

Orange: Take what back?

Midget Apple: Those puns.

Orange: Dude, it wasn't a pun. I just said I get sick of the Wimpy Kid series of books. And Passion, I don't HAVE to like it, you know.

Passion: Oh......

Marshmallow: I've changed. You know what, Orange? You are too annoying.

Orange: I'm not annoying. I'm an orange.

Pear: Alright. You know what? You are an apple!

Orange: (gasps) No I'm not! You are, Pear! Like Rap-Berry said, you're just a mis-shapen apple. Midget Apple is so small, he can't even eat a wedding cake in one bite! HAHAHA! Anyway, Passion is lucky because when I first saw her before Grapefruit, my eyes were hearts!

Passion: Alright. I'm with Orange.

Others: (gasping) Get out of here!

Orange: Alright. If that's the way it's gonna be, then I wish I was never here! Come on, Passion!

Passion: Right behind you.

Orange: Take your books with you if you want. I'll see if I can get used to them.

Passion: Okay.

Orange: Hey! Pineapple!

Pineapple: Get in the taxi, guys.

Orange: Okay, Pineapple! See you later, suckers!

Voice: In the taxi....

Pineapple: So, after I died, what's been going on?

Orange: Well, I met a ginger, a marshmallow, who you just saw before I got in the taxi, and all that. Now, let's see here. Which one should I start with? Ooh! I know! Duh! The first one! "Okay. First of all, let me get something straight. This is a JOURNAL. Not a diary. I know what it says on the cover, but when Mom went out to buy this thing, I specifically told her not to get one that said DIARY on it. Great. All I need is for some jerk to catch me carrying it around and get the wrong idea." Wait. Passion, should I read the character captions?

Passion: No, you can just look. But, it's part of it. Just don't read the captions.


Passion: (giggles) I know, it's HILARIOUS! That big dumb bully just called Greg a SISSY!

Voice: Back in the kitchen......

Pear: It sure seems pretty quiet in here.

Mailman: Psst! Guys! It's me! Grapefruit's Mailman! Special delivery!

Pear: What is it?

Mailman: A letter.

Midget Apple: Bye, mailman!

Mailman: Grapefruit's Mailman, you mean.

Midget Apple: Pear! Don't waste your time! Read it!

Pear: Let's see here. What's this? Dear guys: I've moved on to another kitchen. I'm now friends with Grapefruit and all my other old friends. If you want to come see me, don't bother. Signed, Orange- Wait. Orange? Oh, and P.S., Passion Fruit is with me, of course.

Midget Apple: He really hates us.

Marshmallow: Oh, no! He really does!

Pear: We shouldn't have told him to get out. Let's call him!

Marshmallow: Yeah. I second that.

Pear: Hey! That was MY line; back in the 2010 episode "Annoying Pear."

Orange: What do you guys want to do?

Cabbage: Let's chat and get to know what's been happening in our lives.

Grapefruit: Phone call.

Orange: Hello?

Pear: Orange, it's me!

Orange: What do you want, Pear?

Pear: We shouldn't have ran you out of the kitchen. We're sorry.

Orange: (scoffs) Yeah, right.

Pear: No, really!

Orange: Fine. I'll be over as soon as I can.

Passion: We, Orange.

Pear: Passion? Is that you?

Passion: Of course it's me! Duh! Who else?

Pear: Just get over here very quick! AAAAHHH! We're being attacked by Lord Voldemort!

Orange: I thought he was just a book character.

Pear: Are you going to hang up?

Orange: Alright, but this looks like a job for Orange Potter!

Passion: And Passiony Granger!

Pear: And Pear Weasley!

Orange and Passion: Hanging up!

Orange: Jinx!

Passion: Jinx yourse-

Orange: Yourself! Double Jinx!

Passion: Here's a smack on the head Jinx!


Voice: 3 minutes later...

Pear: Someone's at the door.

Marshmallow: See who it is.

Pear: No. He's coming. Who's there?

Orange: WAZZUP?!

Others: (gasping) Orange!

Passion: That's not all.

Orange: Hey, guys!

Pear: I'm in my Weasley costume! I can see your Potter and Granger costumes, too!

Orange, Pear, and Passion: LET'S GET VOLDEMORT!

Voldemort: Oh no you do'ont!

Pear: Oh, yes we do'oo!



Marshmallow: Orange!

Orange: Hey, Marshmallow!

Midget Apple: Don't say it.

Orange: Why? I like it.

Midget Apple: Well, I don't.

Orange: You want me to leave you again?

Midget Apple: No.

Orange: Then you need to like that name. You know, I don't get why we shouldn't call you Midget Apple.

Midget Apple: Fine.

Orange: So, what's up with you?

Midget Apple: Oh, nothing much.

Pear: Hey, what about me? Don't forget me!

Orange: You too, Pear!

Pear: So are you here to stay?

Orange: You so bet!

Marshmallow: Yay!

Midget Apple: We got you a present to say we're sorry.

Orange: What? A recording of the two raps I was in?

Pear: Yeah.

Orange: Thanks, guys. Oh! Hey! Hey, Apple!

Apple: What?

Orange: Knife.

Apple: AAH!

All: WHOA!

Orange: Apple? More like Apple Jacks! HAHAHAHA! Ooh! Ow!

Marshmallow: Yay! Orange is back! And my cuteness is back, too!

Pear: Oh, man!

Orange: Let's just celebrate!

Pear: Wait. I think we're out of time, so we'll just have to close the show for tonight.

Orange: Thanks for joining us. Oh, and be sure to watch the valentine surprise.

Pear: We'll see you tomorrow with more, so stay tuned.


Pear: Oh, what the hay? Why not just show the valentine surprise?

Orange: Great idea! Let's do it!

Daneboe: (voiceover) Valentine's Day. It's full of love, romance, and passion.

Passion: Hey! Like me!

Daneboe: (still voiceover) Thank you, Passion. But that's not what YOU'RE getting this Valentine's Day. You're getting something much, much better.

Oranges: Nya-nya-nya- nya-nya-nya-nya-nya- nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-- WHOA! Hey, who turned out the lights?

Orange: I guess now we know what it's like to be dark chocolate.


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