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The Poopsmith
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Orange meets a green gummy bear, but does not know what happens to a funny song the gummy bear sang.


Orange: What the fudge, What on earth, What the apple are you! (laughs)

Grapefruit: Put me down of the bag or you are going to see some more kung fu voodoo!

Gummy Bear: Am I in the kitchen?

Marshmallow: Yay! There is a gummy bear in the kitchen! (laughs) I like gummy bears but not Grapefruit!

Orange: Hey It is Little Apple!

Midget Apple : Why do I see a gummy bear?

Orange: (singing the gummy bear song) Hey, hey bear!

Gummy Bear: I am a gummy bear not a BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (shakes his butt)

Orange: Am I going to eat you?

Grapefruit: Gummy bear, do you want to flex like me? (flexes)

Gummy Bear: I write songs, I do not flex! (growls)

Orange: Geez, you really are a bear (laughs).

Midget Apple and Marshmallow: We love gummy bears!

Marshmallow: Gummy bears are delicious! Hehehe!

(Annoying Orange Wiki users Adrita Dasgupta, Darkapple, and Pear96 show up)

Adrita Dasgupta, Darkapple, and Pear96: Gummy Bear!!!!!!!!!!! (screams and laughs)

Orange: Hey, hey Gummy Bear!

Gummy Bear: WHAT?

Orange: Computer!

Gummy Bear: Aaaaaah! (sings a sad parody of the gummy bear song)

Orange: Well he is a real bear! (laughs) And hey Pear!

Pear: Oh no.

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