Orange: (singing) Sun, sun, sun, sunshine! It's about time! Time for sunshine! (laughter) Sunshine-

Watermelon: Whoa! Hello there, little buddy!
Annoying Orange Orange of July

(Orange starts screaming)

Watermelon: (joins Orange's screaming, but then stops) Hey! Why are you screaming?

Orange: (stops screaming) 'Cause you're a monster!

Watermelon: Me?! I'm not a monster.

Orange: Yeah, you are! You're a giant orange-eating lizard!

Watermelon: Pretty sure I'm just a Watermelon.

Orange: You're Godzilla!

Watermelon: Watermelon.

Orange: Oh. So you're not gonna eat me?

Watermelon: Wasn't planning on it.

Orange: Whatever, Godzilla. That's not what Tokyo said. (Laughing)

Watermelon: (sighs) So hey! Where's the rest of the party?

Orange: Oooh! Is it my Birthday?

Watermelon: No.

Orange: Oooh! I want a pony!

Watermelon: No, it's not your...

Orange: And a Nintendo Wii!

Watermelon: No!

Orange: And a pony that can play Wii!

Watermelon: It's not your birthday!

Orange: Oh. Well, is there cake?

Watermelon: No, there's no cake.

Orange: Well, this party sucks. I want my Wii Pony.

Watermelon: That's not that kind of party.

Orange: So, what kind of party is it?

Grand Finale: Only the greatest party in the world. Haven't you heard of the Fourth of July?

Orange: July who? So, why's there fourt of them?

Grand Finale: No, the Fourth of July! It's when we celebrate America's freedom. And we do it by having barbeques and parades and shooting fireworks!

Orange: So, who are you?

Grand Finale: I'm Finale. Grand Finale, that is. I'm the headliners. You know, last guy on stage.

Orange: Oooh! I wanna see your show now!

Grand Finale: Later.

Orange: No! Do it now!

Grand Finale: No! It's not even dark yet!

Orange: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Grand Finale: No! Even if I wanted you, I don't have a lighter.

Orange: (with a lighter in his mouth) But, what about this thing? Would that work?

Grand Finale: Whoa! Hey! What are you doing?! You know how dangerous that is?

Watermelon: Whoa! Put that down, Orange!

Orange: (laughing) Sparkly!

Watermelon: That's dangerous!

Grand Finale: Hey, knock it off, Squirt! Give me that thing!

Orange: Okay! (he spit the lighter to Grand Finale)

Grand Finale: Aw, crap!

Orange: Whoops!

Grand Finale: Put it down! (blowing) I'm not ready! (keeps blowing) Stop it! (wiggling & blowing)

Orange: Wow! Grand Finale really knows how to rock! hihahahahahaha

Grand Finale: (blowing) Whoooa!

Orange: Uh-oh!

Watermelon: Uh-oh.

Grand Finale: Waaagh!

Watermelon: NOOOOOOOOOO--! (exploded when Grand Finale hits him)

(lighter falls to the boxes of fireworks)

Orange: Whoa!

(fireworks fire away)

Orange: WOW! What a bunch of hot heads! (laughing a lot) Oooh! Sparkly!

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