In this episode, Orange meets the Skylanders. This has the most deaths in it.


Orange: Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a wonderful day it is! Hahahaha!

Pop Fizz: It's not funny! I have nothing to do with Alka-Seltzer!

Orange: Whatever, elf blueberry!

Pop Fizz: I'm a gremlin, you buffoon!

Orange: A grunion? You can't be a grunion! You don't have scales! Or gills! Or fins! Hahahaha!!!!

Jet Vac: Ugh. Can you stop it already?

Orange: Did someone just put a bird in knight's armor?

[Jet Vac tries to shoot Orange, but misses and hits Gummy Worm]

Gummy Worm: Gahhh!

Hurricane Jet-Vac: And you thought I was bad? Wait until you see me.

[title card]

[Stealth Elf blasts a poison cloud at Ice Cream Cone]

Ice Cream Cone: Gyaah!

Stealth Elf: I warned you I was silent but deadly! he he he...

King Pen: Now that's how you stay frosty! Wordplay!

[Snap Shot's bow shoots Starfruit, and Spitfire dashes into him for a fatal blow.]

Starfruit: OW!

Snap Shot: Croc and roll, baby!

Spitfire: That really fueled my fire!

Trigger Happy: Nice one, dude!

Eruptor: You were so cool!

Terrafin: You rocked!

Gill Grunt: Yea-uh!

Stormblade: That's totally hot!

Roller Brawl: Great job!

[Marshmallow rushes to make out with Roller Brawl, but misses and flies into a wall]

Marshmallow: Oh no you didn't!

(the dead foods are revived)

Zombie Starfruit: We shall not let the Skylanders win this duel of toys-to-life gaming versus food, for we are an unstoppable army.

Spyro: Let's kill those inanimate objects!

Splat: Totally!

Whirlwind: Get em!

Chop Chop: Yeah, what she said!

All Skylanders: Huzzah!

[Zombie Foods and Skylanders fight]

Spyro: Woo-hoo, we won!

Zombie Starfruit: My army is done for! I mustn't give up yet, Urk! (dying breath)

Pear: Well, at least we didn't get squashed!

Orange: Hey, hey dorky middle earth guys!

All Skylanders: WHAT???

Orange: Kaos!

Kaos: AHAHAHAHA! Skylanders! Now you will meet your inevitable DOOM!

(Kaos zaps the Skylanders)

Orange: Whoah, now I know he isn't toying around! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Fruity Question of the Day

Who's your favorite Skylander?

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