Orange: Hey, hey Pear! Hey!

Pear: What!

Orange: Nothin'! (laughs)

Pear: (groans) You know what, Orange?

Orange: What? Is it time to sing? Lalalalalalala! (laughs)

Pear: No! stop that, It's just that.. I really wish that you weren't annoying!

Orange: (groans) You're an apple!

Liam: (appears) Well I think he's making a lot of sense! and I'll grant your wish, Pear. Come and see this parallel kitchen!

(Purple Vortex appears, Pear and Orange get sucked in)

Orange: Whoa! Where am I?

Pear: I think we're in a parallel universe where everything is different to what we know!

Orange: How do you know, are you csykic?

Pear: Nah, I'm just guessing!

Orange: Woah! Who are you?

(camera moves to see a giant apple whith Midget Apple's voice)


Giant Apple: What? Its just me, Giant Apple.

Orange: Hey, you sound like Midget Apple!

Giant Apple: Who?

Pear: Oh my gosh! Look at that! It's you, orange!

Orange: Woah! Hey me!

Other Orange: Shut up! I'm reading!

Orange: I don't read!

Other Orange: Well I do! So go away!

Orange: Hey, Pear! Look! It's you!

Other Pear: Hey, Orange! Bet you can't do this! (starts babbling tongue)

Other Orange: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Pear: Whoa! I am annoying! Oh my God! Look at that!

Other Marshmallow: I hate unicorns! (kills unicorn and laughs evilly)

Orange: That is.. Marshmallow? (looks elsewhere) AAAAAAAAHH! Passion is ugly!

Ugly Passion Fruit: AO! I don't care how I look, I still look good on the insi....

Orange: Whatever! HEY APE FRUIT!

Grapefruit: What is it? I like rainbows! (giggles) Yay!

Pear: Okay, I'm freaked out!

Liam: (appears) Good!

Pear: Can we go back now?

Orange: Yeah, I miss my Passion!

Leperacaun: Fine, you've learned your lesson!

Orange and Pear: YAAAAY!

(vortex appears and Orange and Pear get sucked through)

Pear: Good to be home!

Orange: Lalalalalalalalalalalalala! (laughs)

Pear: (groans)

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