"Annoying Orange: Passion's Birthday"
Episode: 96
Airdate: June 5, 2011
Characters: Orange, Passion Fruit, Pear, Marshmallow, Spiderman, Midget Apple, Shelly, Nancy Nectarine, Grandpa Lemon, Party Platter, Grapefruit, Monkiwi and Grandpa Lemon, Lady Pasta, Apple, Pineapple, Bananas and Lemon, Apple (Wazzup!)
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Who's an Angry Pal"

Today is Passion's Birthday and what happens when orange forgets her birthday.


Orange: I know I'm Orange, Orange, really Orange....

Pear: Dude It's Passion's Birthday.

Orange: (scratch) Uh, Oh

(Music comes on)

Orange: Must make a card, Go home make a card.

(makes a card goes to Passion's Birthday)

Pear: Do you like it.

Passion Fruit: Wow.

Marshmallow: Do you like mine.

Passion: Nice

Spiderman: How about mine.

Passion Fruit: Ok

Midget Apple: How about mine.

Passion: I like it Midget Apple

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple.

Shelly: And mine?

Passion: Yes, so's Nancy's.

Nancy Nectarine: Yay!

Grapefruit: Read mine.

Passion : Why did you write swears on my card?

Monkiwi: Mine, read mine.

Passion: Um, a bit boring.

Grandpa Lemon: What about mine?

Passion: You wrote nothing except Dear Passio

Lady Pasta: Mine read mine.

Passion: Is that really necessary.

Apple: What is mine like.

Passion: Boring.

Pineapple: I never made a card.

Passion: Grrrrrr

Bananas: Read ours.

Passion: Write nicely next time.

Lemon: Read mine


Lemon: Apple wrote it

Apple : He's lying.

Orange: Hey, Apple!

Apple: What?

Orange: Knife!

Apple: (screams while gets killed.)

(Bananas screaming)

Orange: Whoa!

(Daneboe puts Apple away.)

(Orange opens birthday card and the card sees "It's lovely, Happy Birthday." and "2010" on top.)

Orange: Read mine

Passion: It's lovely

Orange and Passion: (kiss on lips)

Bananas: OH MY GOD! (x3)

Party Platter: Happy Birthday.

(The words "Happy Birthday, Passion!" appears and the small words "Passion's Birthday is June 13th.".)

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