"Annoying Orange: Passion's Parents"
Episode: 76
Characters: Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Nancy Nectarine Midget Apple, Shelly, Marshmallow, Mama Passion, Papa Passion, Apple (Passion's parents)
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Big Orange and Little Orange"
"Annoying Orange: Usher's Cologne"



Orange: Doo-dah-dah-boo-baa (laughs)

Passion Fruit: Orange guess what.

Orange: What?

Passion Fruit: My parents are coming to visit.

Orange: You have parents too.

Passion Fruit: Yeah, everyone has parents.

Pear: What?, are your parents are coming?

Passion Fruit: Yeah.

Marshmallow, Shelly and Midget Apple: Yay, Passion Fruit's parents are coming.

Nancy Nectarine: Groovy!

Mama Passion: What is going on?

Papa Passion: Lets have some fun.

Orange: Doo-dah-dah-boo-baa (laughs)

Everyone: Doo-dah-dah-boo-bah (laughs)

Papa Passion: That was fun.

Orange: Lets ask apple to join in.

Apple (Passion's parents): (screams while getting cut in half)

Orange: Ohhhh!

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