"Annoying Orange: Pear's Hair"
Episode: 86
Airdate: June 27, 2011
Characters: Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Shelly, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grandpa Lemon, Lemon
Fanon Episode Guide
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Pear goes to lemon to grow hair and he pays 50 stones (Pear pays 50 stones cause you don't pay money you pay stones) but his hair gets cut of by a buzzer.


Pear: Can I have a spikey brown hair please.

Lemon (Pear's Hair): OK. (makes pear a hair)

Pear: Yes, now I can tell Orange that I'm cooler than him.

Lemon: You'll need to pay 50 stones

Pear: OK.

Pear: (pays and travels to the kitchen)

(Back at the kitchen)

Orange: (playing kitchen carnage) I'm on level 26.

Passion Fruit and Shelly: Wow.

Marshmallow: Hey, Where's Pear?

Midget Apple: Yeah, He was here a minute ago.

Pear: (in a cool voice) Looking for me.

Shelly: Wow

Orange: Hey, Pear Buzzer

Buzzer: (takes Pears hair off)

Pear: Noo My hair

Passion: Is hair the only thing you like.

Orange: (laughs)


fruity queston of the day

is hair the only thing you like?

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