Pear Leaves the Kitchen AKA Pear Has a Spin-off is an Annoying Orange episode released September 6, 2013, and also the pilot of the series Pear the Boring Bookworm's Series (Oh Gosh)

"Annoying Orange: Pear Leaves the Kitchen AKA Pear Has a Spin-off"
Episode: 509
Airdate: September 6, 2013
Characters: Annoying Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, The Bookworm Company Unit Z Members, Boating Boys
Fanon Episode Guide
"Acorn Madness"
"First episode of Pear the Boring Bookworm's Series (Oh Gosh)"

 It is different from other episodes, as it instead of one episode, it has three shorts.

Short Guide

Act I: Boating Boys

A song about two ten year olds skateboarding on a boat, until they drown in the water and die.

Act II: Who Got Pear a Spin-off?

Pear gets a spin-off, but Orange does not want him to go, so they go Wile E Cyote and Road Runner style.

Act III: The Boring Bookworms

Pear meets the Boring Bookworms.


Introduction: Orange's Posh Voice

Orange: Hey, Mushroom. Wanna' hear my posh voice?

Mushroom: Ugh, no. Just, shut up.

Orange: POSH VOICE: Howdy, old chap. Would you fancy a cup of tea?

Mushroom: [talking to Knife] MUSHROOM SIGHS: Kill me.

[Mushroom's wish comes true.]

Orange: NORMAL VOICE: I'll tell you three stories! Come on, Pear--...

Pear: Nope. I'm leaving.

Midget Apple: What?!

[Title card comes up.]

[Cuts to the "Boating Boys" short.]

[Cuts back to Orange, Pear and Midget Apple.]

Wraparound 1: Pear: The Green Hero

Orange: But, Pear! I don't want you to leave! I'll give you my pinwheel--...

Liam: Nope.

Orange: Oh, okay, not my pinwheel--...

Liam: My'' pinwheel!

Orange: But maybe I'll give you a series, maybe?

Pear: Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you. I already have. Its called "Pear: The Green Hero."

Midget Apple: What about "Pear the Boring Bookworm's Series?"

Orange: Oh, gosh...

Pear: Yeah, that's great! Imagine it... "Pear the Boring Bookworm's Series (Oh Gosh)" might win an Emm--

Orange: You're wrong about that.


Pear: Oh... HE SHOUTS: Shut up! [Cuts to the "Who Gave Pear a Spin-off?" short.]

[Cuts back.]

Wraparound 2: Pear Wishes He Gave Up His Dreams

Orange: Bye, Pear!

Midget Apple: Have fun! Don't give up your dream!

Pear: I won't! By will, at least. I heard these noobs are real smarta--...

Orange: We said -- "Bye!" [Pear travels to the Bookworm Company Unit Z.]

Pear: Hi, guys!


Boo'''''kworm Company Unit Z Member One:'  Hello. We allow your entrance to the Bookworm Company Unit Z! But, first, we'll have to do some tests. I say, now... Question one: What is a "heciphenylograph?"

Pear: Wh-wh-what?

Bookworm Company Unit Z Member Two: Its not real! HE LAUGHS: Anyway, my dear old, chap, welcome! We're Bookworm Company Unit Z, but just call us B.C.U.Z!

Pear: "B-because?"

BCUZ Member Three: Yes, B.C.U.Z!

BCUZ Member Four: Weird, ha-ha, isn't it?!


Pear: Oh, God... [Cuts to "The Boring Bookworms" short.]

[Cuts to ending credits.]

(Transcripts for the shorts coming soon!)

Ratings and YouTube Guide

The episode is rated TV-PG-V (in US), or PG in the United Kingdom.

On YouTube, it has five-thousand, six hundred and thirty-seven views.

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