"Annoying Orange: Peenut
Episode ???
Characters: Orange, Peanut, Peach, Nail, Pear
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Orange: Boom-boom-boom, Kaboom! Hahahahaha!

Peanut: Huh? What was that?

Orange: Woah! It's Peach's butt!

Peanut: What? No, I'm a...

Orange: Hey! Hey peach! I think I found your butt!

Peach: How many times do I have to tell you Orange, fruits do not have butts!

Orange: Your butts really rinkley! Hahahaha!

Peanut: No, I'm a Peanut.

Orange: Oh, so your Pea's butt? Hey! Hey pea! I found your butt! Why isn't it censored? Geez! Hahahaha!

Peanut: No, Pea - Nut.

Orange: What? That's rediculous! You can't pee nuts.

Peanut: Thats because... Argh!! Its spelled P-E-A-N-U-T!

Orange: I don't get it, you don't look like a Pea , or a nut.

Peanut: Its true I don't look like a Pea but I am a nut.

Orange: Woah! Were you the first person to set foot on the moon?

Peanut: What?

Orange: Cause I heard it was an "Astronut" Hahahahaha!

Peanut: That's Astronaut you moron!

Orange: Yeah, and his name was "Nail Armstrong" . Hahahahaha! He really got the wack on his fans! Hahahaha!

Nail: Its "Neil Armstrong"!

Orange: Hey! Hey peanut! Hey!

Peanut: What do you want!?

Orange: What do you get when you cross a toilet and a green plant?

Peanut: How do I suppose to know, almost all plants are green!

Orange: Peepeenut! Hahahahahaha!

Peanut: What?! That's not even funny!

Orange: Hahahahaha!

Peanut: Stop it!

Orange: Hahahahahaha!

Peanut: There's no reason to laugh!

Orange: Hahahahaha!

Peanut: Rrrr!! Would you shut your Yammering Mouth already!?

Orange: Geez, I was just trying to crack you up! Hahahaha!

Peanut: Grr!!!

Orange: Hey, hey Peepeenut! Hey!

Peanut: Just ignore the weirdo... Ignore... The weirdo... Ignore...

Orange: Hey ! Hey Peepeenut! Hey! Hey!

Peanut: Ignore...

Orange: Ooh! Are we playing " Continue the word " ?

Peanut: Ig...

Orange: (Continueing Peanut's Sentence) Nite! hahahaha! This is fun.

Peanut: Iggggggnnnnooreeeee....!!! Just ...!!!

Orange: (Continueing Peanut's sentence) already! Hahahahaha!

Peanut: Rrrr!!!!

Orange: Ooh! Are we Playing "Make a sound" ? Brmmmmmmmbbrrrrrmmmphphph!! Brrrmmm!!

Peanut: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Orange: Booom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Peanut: Stop it!

Orange:Hey! Hey peanut! Hey!

Peanut: What!?!?!?!

Orange: Fireworks...

(Peanut sees fireworks near him that are set on fire on the bottom)

Peanut: Huh?

(Screen shows that the fireworks about to blow)

Peanut: Aaaaa!!!

Nail: Aaaa!!!

Peach: Aaaaahhh!!

Peanut, Nail and Peach: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!

(Fireworks explode killing Peach, Nail and Peanut)

Pear: Whoa!

Orange: Woah! Kaboom! Hahahaha! Looks like he became a roasted peanut! Hahahaha!

Pear: (groans)

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