Annoying Orange Pokemon 2
Orange: Hey Hulk!

Hulk: What?!

Orange: Ash!

???: Raaaa!

Hulk: Ahhhhh!!! Killed into peas.

Ash: Grrr

Pear: See? I told you.

Orange: Hey Ash!

All: Hey ash!

Ash: What!


Ash: Stop!

All: Hahahaha! HAHHAH

Grandpa Lemon: Wah Wah!

Orange: Grrrr

Orange: Hey!

May: Hi

Ash: WHAT! I'm trying to get revenge!

Orange: Piciu let's go!

Picic: Picic!

Orange: Tundershock! Hahaha!


Ash: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Pear: Whoa!

Ash: Crarlizred! Go!

Crarlizred: Grrr

Pear: That was awesome!

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