Orange, Darwin, Dipras, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and Passion Fruit all annoy SpongeBob in the Krusty Krab.


Orange: (beatboxing) "Bored." (laughs)

SpongeBob: "Good morning, Krusty Krab! And hello, Squidward."

Squidward: "Leave me alone."

Orange: "Pear-pear-pear-pear-pear. Pear-pear-pear-pear-pear." (laughs)

Pear: "What's going on, Orange?"

Orange: "Nothing that concerns you, Pear, just us. (laughs)"

Mr. Krabs: "I'm Mr. Krabs. I like money."

Orange: "Mr. Krabs? Is that a fruit or a vegetable?"

Mr. Krabs: (laughs) "No, I'm an animal."

Orange: "You're kinda red. You could be an apple."

SpongeBob: "Pretty Patties! Availiable in six designed colors."

Orange: "Hey, who cut the cheese?" (laughs)

SpongeBob: "Don't you know my name?"

Orange: "Hey! Hey, Cheese!"

SpongeBob: "I'm SpongeBob."

Orange: "Uh-uh. You're a cheese."

SpongeBob: "Do you like pretty patties?"

Orange: "More like pretty... PATRICIA!" (laughs)

Mr. Krabs: "I like jokes and money, do you?"

Orange: "Yes! I got one for you! Why does the cheese have holes?"

SpongeBob: "I'm a sponge, not a cheese."

Orange: "Because it got poked with drills!" (Mr. Krabs, Orange, and Squidward all laugh)

SpongeBob: "Sponges have holes."

Orange: "These stuff are ears of corn!" (laughs) "Get it? Ears of corn?" (All 3 laugh)

SpongeBob: "I'm not a corn either."

Orange: "Hey! Hey corny cob! Can you do this?" (burps) (All 3 laugh)

SpongeBob: "This isn't funny."

Squidward: "How about this, huh?"

Orange: "Can you spit orange juice?" (hacks then spits) (SpongeBob walks away then screams) "Hey! Hey Spengler Disrepant? Can you do this? (babbling)"

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