"Annoying Orange: Regular Show"
Episode: 77
Airdate: May 25, 2012
Characters: Orange, Mordecai, Rigby, Doug, Midget Apple
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Passion's Parents"
"Annoying Orange: Water Bottling"

Orange annoys Rigby and lets Mordecai join.


Orange: (babbles toung miserbly) I'm bored.

Mordecai: What? (Mordecai punches Rigby) I cannot find somebody annoying!

Rigby: Knock it off!

Orange: A piece of chocolate and Blue! Blue, you're back!

Mordecai: Yeah.

Doug: Hey, what's up guys.

Orange: Whoa! Who's that? A sundae?

Doug: No.

Rigby: Shut up! (zaps Doug with lightning)

(Doug splashes water at the lightning and Rigby screams while being shocked)

Mordecai and Orange: (laughs)

Orange: Why aren't you laughing? Midget Apple thinks it's funny. (laughs)

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!

Rigby: (fake laughs) Shut up!

(Orange babbles)

Rigby: SHUT UP!

Orange:Hey Rigby

Rigby: What! Orange:

Knife Rigby:uh NNNOOOOOOOO


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