Orange meets snowball's friends, Shawn Snowball, Susie Snowball, Steen Snowball and Snipe Snowball.


Orange: Snowday, Snowday, You talk to me, I say, Hey. Hahahahaha!

Marshmallow: Yaaay...! It's raining white stars! (licks snow) (giggles)

Orange: Hey, pear? Why did you ask me to where this Gangster hat?

Pear: Its not a Gangster Hat, its a snow hat.

Orange: What does it do anyway?

Pear: It...

Orange: Bored! Now why did you ask me to where these girly headphones?

Pear: Those are earmuffs.

Orange: Earmuffins? They don't look like muffins or ears!

Pear: Ugh!

Orange: Hey, hey snowball! Hey!

Snowball and Ice Cube: ...

Orange: Hey, hey snowball! Hey! Hey!

Shawn Snowball: Oh my gosh! That orange is trying to kill that guy

Steen Snowball: You mean "those guys"?

Saint Snowball: Yeah

Susie Snowball: Poor snowball and ice cube.

Snowball and Ice Cube: Uhh...

Orange: Finally ! You talked! Hey, hey snowball!

Snowball and Ice Cube: Mmm...

Saint Snowball: Yo dude! Are you trying to kill those guys?

Orange: What? Who are you guys?

Saint Snowball: I'm Saint Snowball..

Susie Snowball: And I'm, like Susie Snowball

Steen Snowball: Yeah, I'm Steen Snowball

Shawn Snowball: Hi, and I'm Shawn Snowball.

Saint: Dude! He was talking to me.

Susie: I'm female, and he's, like, talking to me.

Steen: Yeah he was actually talking to me.

Shawn: Guys, guys! Could we just agree he was talking to me.

Susie, Steen, Saint and Shawn: (arguing)

Pear: Hey, hey stop arguing

Orange: Yeah! We don't want you guys to melt! Hahahaha!

Susie: (sighs). Fine.

Orange: Okay! Are you guys cool with it?

Shawn: Not really..

Orange: Then why aren't you guys melting? Hahaha!

Steen: Okay, that's enough...

Orange: What? No wonder you seem to have a cold heart! Hahaha!

Steen: Rrrr!

Orange: Woah! Stay frosty! Hahahaha!

Saint: What is it with you, orange?

Orange: Hey, Saint! Wanna see a trick.

Saint: Umm... Sure?

Orange : (spits seeds at Saint)

Saint: Ow!

Orange: Woops! Sorry!

Saint: Grr! You almost made me roll of this hill!

Orange: Okay! (spits seeds again)

Saint: Noooo! (gets hit by seeds and rolls off the hill) Aaah!!

Susie: Woah! Saint!

Saint: No! No! No! STOP!!!

(steen crashed into a rock and died )

Orange: Uuh! He din't have a heart! hahahaa!

Susie: Dude! You just killed him!

Orange: Then why din't you save him, Winter Wonderwoman? Hahahaha!

Susie: Grr!

Marshmallow: Uh oh! I'm gonna sneeze!

Orange: Uh oh!

Susie: Hey, whats going on?

Orange: Imbrace yourself!

Susie: Huh?

Marshmallow: (sneezes)

Susie: (thuds of the hill) Aaaah!!!

Ice Cube: In my calculations, she will not hit hard ground.

Orange: Yaay!

Ice Cube: I say! What's that?

(screen moves to a landmine)

Orange: Woah! Watch oooooouut!

Susie: (screaming)

(susie lands on the land mine)

Susie: (still screaming )

Orange: Huh?

Ice Cube: Susie wasn't heavy enough to activate the mine.

Susie: Oh! Good riddens!

Shawn: Yaaay! Oo... (rolls down the hill)

Orange: Uh oh...

Shawn: Gaaa!!!

Susie: No! Noooo! Go away! Go away!

Susie and Shawn: (screaming)

(shawn rolls on susie activating the land mine killing them both)

Orange: Ugh! Its the Crash Of The Winter Wonderwoman! Hahaha!

Steen: Oh great!

Orange: Hey, hey steen?

Steen: No, no tricks!

Orange: St...

Steen: Noo!

Orange: Bu...

Steen: No!!!

(after 10 seconds)

Orange: Snowball fight!

Steem: Huh? (screaming)

(steen gets picked up by a human and gets thrown down the hill)

Steen: Nooo!!!

(steen lands without any injuries)

Steen: I.. I survived! (laughing) I survived!

Orange: (laughing)

Steen: (laughing)

Ice Cube and Snowball: ...

Orange: (Laughing)

Steen: (Laughing)

Orange: Avalanche!

Steen (screaming)

(steen gets swept off a steep slope)

Fruity Question Of The Day

How many snowballs can you throw in 10 seconds?

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