(Spring, outside in the early triassic)

Orange: Hey! Hey Flow-er!

Flower: It's not Flow-er! It's flower!

Orange: Hey Flow-er!

Flower: (Mildly) What!

Orange: Bet ya can't do this (Babbles tounge)

Flower: Shut up!

Orange: (continues babbling tounge)

Flower: SHUT UP!

Orange: Hey, hey Flow-er!

Flower: It's Flower!

Orange: Flow-er!

Flower: What do you want you stupid Orange?!

Orange: Massospondylus!

(Flower gets eaten by Massospondylus) Flower: AAAHHH!

(Summer, near window)

Orange: Yo, sun!

Sun: What do you want now?

Orange: Wanna see a trick?

Sun: Not really.

Orange: (Burps 3 times, then laughs and farts)

Sun: Disgusting!

Orange: Yeah! And so is this!

Orange: (Blows bubbles with spit)

Sun: Stop it!!!!

Orange: Hey, Sun!

Sun: What now?!

Orange: Megaraptor!

(Megaraptor covers Sun)

Sun: AHHH!

(Fall, under outside tree in the late jurassic)

Lasha: Hey, Leaf!

Leaf: Whaadya want?

Bytar: Why do you fall on Fall?

Leaf: Uh...if that was a joke that was not funny!

Orange: Yeah, but this is! (Spits seed)

Leaf: OW!

Orange: Hey! Leaf!

Leaf: What now?

Orange: Stegosaurus!

(Stegosaurus steps on Leaf)

Leaf: Ow! That hurts!

(Winter, in front of the late cretaceous)

Orange: Hey! Snowman!

Snowman: Not listening!

Buddy : OK, let's play one-sided talking!

Snowman: No, let's not play one-sided talking!

Snike: Hey! Hey, Snowman!

Snowman: Not listening!

Orange: SnowMAN!

Snowman: WHAT?!?!

Chokun : Oviraptor.

(Oviraptor runs through snowman)

Snowman: Ow!

Orange: Whoa, talk about freezing prehistoric.

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