Orange: Hey! Hey, Potato!

Potato: (groans angrily)

Orange: Guess what?

Potato: I don't know, and I DON'T CARE!!

Orange: Mashed Potato! (laughs)

Potato: That's it! (sees his magic lamp and chuckles quietly, then rubs it)

Genie: I shall grant you three wishes!

Potato: OK, I wish that this annoying guy would shut up.

Genie: You got it!

Orange: No, wait! (wish granted) (muffles)

Potato: (laughs) That's what you get for annoying me!

Pear: What's going on?

Orange: (muffles) Translation: This guy shut my mouth!

Pear: What happened to your mouth?

Potato: This guy is annoying! So I wished that he would shut up!

Pear: Orange, are you OK?

Orange: (muffles) Translation: No, course I'm not OK! I can't talk now!

Midget Apple: What happened, Pear?

Marshmallow: Oh, no! Orange!

Passion Fruit: What is going on?

Pear: That guy shut Orange's mouth! So he can't talk anymore!

Potato: Who cares? I heard that someone told me that this guy infuriate them!

Orange: (muffles) Translation: OK, you know what?! You're an apple!

Potato: Oh, try to speak if you want to!

Marshmallow: (angrilly) You ruined our friend!

Midget Apple: Now look what you've done to him!

Potato: Blah blah blah what's the matter with you? (laughs)


Potato: I wish for a balloon, so I could leave this place.

Genie: YOU GOT IT!!

Potato: Woohoo! No more troubles! I'm free! (magic lamp drops) Oh no! My Lamp!

Passion Fruit: I got it.

Pear: Give it to me. (catches and rubs lamp)

Genie: I shall grant you three wishes!

Pear: I wish that Orange would open his mouth again!

Genie: YOU GOT IT!!

Orange: (wish granted) Yay! I can talk now!

Potato: (groans upset, Balloon pops) AAAAAHHHH!!!

All: Hooray! Orange can talk now!

Orange: Hey, Potato, Hey!

Potato: What?

Orange: Knife!

Potato: (gets sliced) AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange: Whoa, talk about another critical cut! (laughs, then silence) Hey, Pepper! Aren't you supposed to be spicy? (laughs)

Pepper: Leave... me... alone....

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