Orange: I'm board a board, always board, its competition! Hahahahaha!

Sapphire: Hmm... Quite bad...

Orange: Woah! What are you!?

Sapphire: I'm a Sapphire.

Orange: Fire? Then why are you blue?

Sapphire: Umm... Acutally its...

Orange: Ooh! Is it the blue fire?

Sapphire: Actually... No... I'm Sapphire, not fire.

Orange: Well no wonder your not hotter then her.

Sapphire: Who?

Amethyst: Oh, come on, purple, is SO much better than blue.

Aquamarine: Hey! Did you say something!?

Orange: Woah! What are you guys!?

Amethyst: I'm Amethyst, and he's Aquamarine.

Orange: Marine? He doesn't look like a fish! Hahahaha!

Aquamarine: No, its Aquamarine.

Orange: Greener than a yodel?

Aquamarine: What?

Emerald: Woah! Where am I?

Orange: Woah! Your one weird fruit!

Emerald: Oh, I'm Emerald.

Orange: Yaaay!

Emerald: What are you yaying about?

Orange: I've never seen the kitchen this green before! Hahahaha!

Quartz 1 : Gaah! Let me go!

Quartz 2: Yeah! Your not mom!

Orange: Woah! Its a two-headed... Wait, why 2?

Quartz: What's wrong with it?

Orange: It's supposed to be QUARTZdruple! Hahahaha!

Quartz 1: Ugh! What a weirdo!

Quartz 2: I know!

Orange: Weirdo? Well at least I'm not crazy, your just talking to yourself! Hahahaha!

Ruby: Uff! Don't touch me!

Orange: Woah! Candy!

Ruby: Huh?

Orange: Candy! Hey! Candy!

Ruby: I'm not candy! I'm ruby!

Orange: Be a sweetheart and treat people nicely already! Hahahaha!

Ruby: You....

Orange: Hey! Who's that?

Diamond: Hello, my fellow... ugh... "friends"

Aquamarine: Oh, great its diamond.

Amethyst: Let me guess. You gonna show off your toughness again.

Diamond: Haha! That is... sweetly, correct my love.

Quartz 1 & 2: Ugh! What!?

Aquamarine: Woah, woah woah! She's mine hot head.

Diamond: Oh, I no its really difficult to say you don't like her Aqua.

Orange: Don't you mean "hard"? Hahahaha!

Aquamarine: Its Aquamarine...

Orange: Woah! Well looks like your being a rude guy here Twinkle Toes! Hahahaha!

Diamond: Ugh!! Shut up you baboon!

Orange: What? I'm an orange, and baboons aren't even fruits! Hahaha!

Ruby: Face it diamond! You'll never get Amethyst!

Diamond: Oh,yes I can.

Orange: No you can't

Diamond: Yes I can!

Orange: Nope! You still can't!

Diamond: Now you do know you can't stop me!?

Orange: Yeah, but meteor can.

Diamond: Huh?

Orange: Meteor!

(A meteor falls on Diamond destroying him)

Orange: Wooah!!!

Ruby: Now thats what I'm talking about!

Aquamarine: Ruby, don't say that, its rude!

Orange: Then shouldn't he be Rudy? Hahahaha!

Ruby: Oh shut up!

Orange: Why are you looking a little red? Hahahaha!

Ruby: Grr!!!

Orange: Hey, Ruby! Hey!

Ruby: What, is it?!

Orange: Ruby! Hey!

Ruby: WHAAAT!?!?!?

Orange: Meteor!

(Meteor falls on ruby)

Everyone: (screams)

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