"Annoying Orange: Spiderman"
[[Image:Annoying Orange Spiderman|center|240px]]
Episode: 84
Airdate: May 31 2011
Characters: Orange, Spiderman, Pear, Shelly, Passion Fruit, Green Goblin, Flies
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Orange: Hey, Pear look I can cross my eyes.

Pear: Orange that's not very tallenting.

Shelly: I think that is.

Passion Fruit: Hey, How's it going.

Pear: Hi Passion.

Spiderman: That's right I am spiderman I have Spider Power.

Orange: What kind of spider Power.

Spiderman: The power I can kill you all with (evil laughs)

Shelly: Gee what are you barking about?

Everyone except Spiderman: (laughs)

Spiderman: Grrr

Everyone Else: You're not laughing!

Marshmalow: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are. (giggles)

Spiderman: Shut up!

Orange: Geez, I'm going to wreck you anything or something (laughs)

Spiderman: Daah! Shut up!

Orange: Um, Hey, Hey spiderman

Spiderman: What?

Orange: Green Goblin

Spiderman: What are you talking abo...(screams while getting killed)

(Everybody screams)

Orange: Hey, hey green goblin, hey

Green Goblin: What?

Orange: Flies!

(Green Goblin screams as get killed by Flies)

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