"Annoying Orange: Strong Bad's Cool Game For Annoying People"
[[Image:Annoying orange & strongbad|center|240px]]
Episode: 53
Airdate: June 18, 2011
Episode References: Strongbad's Cool Game For Attractive People
Characters: Orange, Strong Bad, Trogdor
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Orange gets in another video game and annoys Strongbad.


(open to the SBCG4AP field, Orange is in the grass, Strongbad walks towards Orange)

Orange: Hey apple.

Strongbad: (looks around) What The...

Orange: Apple hey.

Strongbad: (looks down and notices Orange) What the crap?

Orange: Hey Apple, Hey.

Strongbad: Uh, I don't see an apple.

Orange: I'm talking to you egg head (laughs)

Strongbad: What gave you that idea?

Orange: You're red, so you're an apple.

Strongbad: What? Wow, you're more stupid than Homestar.

Orange: I'm not stupid, I'm an Orange (laughs)

Strongbad: (facepalms, and sighs)

Orange: Hey Egg head.

Strongbad: It's Strongbad.

Orange: Hey Egg Bad, are you hard to crack? (laughs)

Strongbad: Come on man! Don't make fun of my head. I'm a wrestleman you know, I can easily punch you, you orange with a smiley face.

Orange: You're a wrestler?

Strongbad: What? You know see the mask and boxing gloves?

Orange: Hey, where's you shirt? Did another wrestler come to your house and ripped them and you're money so you can't buy any? (laughs)

Strongbad: Wow. That's not even close.

Orange: Hey Wrester Egg Bad

Strongbad: IT'S STRONGBAD OK. I'm the one who gets to call people names. You pile o' pulp.

Orange: Hey Egg Bad.

Strongbad: What?

Orange: Egg Bad hey.

Strongbad: What? I heard you the first time what is it.

Orange: Egg Bad.

Strongbad: WHAT?

Orange: Dragon.

(Trogdor comes and tries to burninate Strong Bad)

Strongbad: HA! I got the Trogsword.

(pulls out trogsword, Trogdor sets the sword on fire, which melts)

Strongbad: Oh crap. (drops what's left of the Trogsword and runs off screaming, Trogdor chases him)

Orange: (laughs)

Fruity Question of the Day

What video Game Should I be in next?


  • This is the third episode to take place in a video game, and the first one to be a video game of the newer generations.
  • This is the first time a Homestar Runner Character makes an appearance.

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