Orange annoys a Sugar Cube.


Orange: Just because that I taste sweet, it doesn't mean that I have feet! Hahahahaha!

Pear: You've said that to me like a thousand times already!

Orange: It's funny because you're and apple. Hahahahaha!

Pear: (growls)

Sugar Cube: What kind off song was that?

Orange: Woah! Tofu!

Sugar Cube: What? No, no, no, no, no. I'm a sugar cube.

Orange: Hey, hey tofu. You got chicken pox!

Sugar Cube: Sugar cube... Orange: Woah! Your chicken pox are white! You have mutant chicken pox!

Sugar Cube: I'm not tofu and I don't have chicken pox. It's just that I am a Sugar Cube.

Orange: Your tofu!

Sugar Cube: Please... It's sugar cube...

Orange: Okay sweetie! Hahahahaha!

Sugar Cube: (sighs)

Orange: Hey, hey tofu!

Sugar Cube: Sugar Cube!

Orange: Hey tofu! Hey!

Sugar Cube : Seriously dude, it's Sugar Cube.

Orange: Hey, hey tofu!

Sugar Cube: Would you stop calling me tofu? There! That's tofu!

(screen shows tofu)

Tofu: Yo!

Sugar Cube: I'm sugar cube!

Orange: Hey, hey rice cube!

Sugar Cube: Oh crap!

Orange: Hey! Hey rice cube!

Sugar Cube: Just call me Sugar Cube okay?

Orange: If a sugar cube is mixed with a rice, which is a grain, it will become sweet corn! So I'll call you sweet corn!

Sugar Cube: When will this stop?

Orange: Hey, hey sweet corn!

Sugar Cube: It's sugar cube!

Orange: Hey sweet corn! Hey!

Sugar Cube: Dude! Call me anything you want but I'll always be a what I am!

Orange: Yeah, your a sweet corn! Hahahaha!

Sugar Cube: Oh god!

Orange: Hey, hey sweet corn! Hey!

Sugar Cube: What?

Orange: Tea

(sugar cube gets dipped into tea)

Sugar Cube: Aaaaah!!!

Orange: Woah! I didn't know torus can desolve into tea! Hahaha! You're not laughing, Pear.

Pear: Oh, God!

(end rolls)

Orange: Mmmphh... Man sugar cube was really fun... (sighs)...

(screen moves to Tofu )

Orange: Hey! Hey sugar cube!

Tofu: Oh no...

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