Orange is seen on the counter, beatboxing) Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. Errrick!
Annoying Orange Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples

Green Apple: Ouch! Watch it, bub!

Orange: Whoa! What the heck are you?

Green Apple: Um, I'm an apple.

Orange: (laugh) Oh, that's good! (laughs again until Green Apple is angry)

Green Apple: What's so funny?

Orange: So, seriously, what are you?

Green Apple: Like I said, I'm an apple!

Orange: Yeah, and I'm a hippap0tamus! (laughs)

Green Apple: Hey! I'm an apple! Why is that so hard to believe?

Orange: Apples are red, not green!

Green Apple: No; apples can be green, too!

Orange: What? You're pulling my leg!

Green Apple: No, I'm not!

Orange: I know you're not! I don't have any legs! (LAUGHS)

(Green groan's)

Orange: Hey! Maybe you're green because you fell in some toxic waste!

Green Apple: What? No!

Orange: That's it! You're a mutant! A Teenage Mutant Ninja Apple!

Green Apple: No!

Orange: (singing) Teenage Mutant Ninja Apple! Weirdo with the green peel! Apple Power! (laughter)

Green Apple: Would you please stop it?

Orange: Hey! Hey, Mutant Ninja Apple!

Green Apple: I'm just an apple!!!

Orange: Hey! Hey, Mutant Ninja Apple! Hey!

Green Apple: I'm not a mutant ninja! Look there are all kinds of apples out there!

Orange: Yeah! Mutant apples!

Green Apple: No, no! Look! There's apples, Red Delicious!

(The scene cuts to Red Delicious, surrounded by four female apricots, cooing and fawning over him.)

Red Delicious: Easy, ladies! There's plenty of delicious me go round! (chuckles)

Apricots : Oooh!

Green Apple: And, there's other apples, like Red's cousin, Golden Delicious!

Golden Delicious: Easy ladies. There's plenty of delicious ME to go round. (chuckle)

Apricots: Ooooh!

Green Apple: Heck, there's even other green apples. Check out Granny Smith.

Granny Smith: Come here and give me a kiss! I got a dollar.

Green Apple: You see what I'm talking about, Orange?

Orange: Woah, you guys are mutants at all!

Green Apple: (sighs) Thank you.

Orange: You're Mighty Morphing Power Apples!

Green Apple: Aw God!

Orange: Make a giant robot! Make a giant robot!

Green Apple: That's it, I give up.

Orange: Hey! Hey Mighty Morphing Mutant Ninja!!!

Green Apple: What?!?

Orange: Can you beatbox?

Green Apple: Beat what?

Orange: Beatbox like this! (beatboxing)

Green Apple: Oh God!!! Stop it!!!


Green Apple: Hey! Knock it off!!


Green Apple: Stop! Stop it, stop it, stop it!!!

Orange: (Laughing)

Green Apple: You give me a headache with all that noise! Could you please stop it just for one minute?! Please!

Orange: OK. Man.

Green Apple: Thank you. Geez.

(Silence for about 6 seconds)

(orange imitates record)

Green Apple: (Growls)

Orange: (Continues to beatbox)

Green Apple: (Growls again)

Orange: (Beatboxes louder)

Green Apple: WOULD YOU PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF?!?!?!? (Orange stops beatboxing and frowns) I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!! NO MORE BEATBOXING!!!!

Orange: Why? It's cool.

Green Apple: No, it's not cool! It's stupid and annoying!! Just like you! Tell me something, were you dropped on your head one too many times?!

Orange: Hey! Hey Mutant Ninja Apple!

Green Apple: WHAT?!?

Orange: Shredder.

(Daneboe picks up Green Apple and slices him)

Green Apple: (Screaming)

Red Delicious: Oh no! Green's down! We've got to stop it!

Golden Delicious: And we can, but only if we use our combined powers. Right Granny?

Granny Smith: Where's my hug?

(Daneboe picks all 3 up)

Red and Golden Delicious: (Screaming)

Orange: Ow. There's no knife in teamwork. (Laughs) Ooh. Ouch.

(Daneboe brings in a baked pie with Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden delicious and Green apples faces on it)

Orange: (Laughing) Hey Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples! You mutated into a pie! (Laughs)

Green Apple: (Grunts)

Orange: (Laughs and sings) Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples, heroes in a pie shell. Pastry power! (Laughs)

Granny Smith: Who wants some prune juice?

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