"Annoying Orange: Tenner Ball"
Episode: 83
Airdate: 31st May 2011
Characters: Orange, Pear, Tennis Ball
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Orange meets sonic"
"Annoying Orange: Spiderman"


Orange: Out-out-out-out, I am outside, I am an orange. (Laughs)

Tennis Ball: What are you talking about everyone is outside.

Orange: Pear Isn't.

Tennis Ball: Who the heck is pear?

Orange: My freind.

Tennis Ball: Ah, come on.

Orange: Where? (laughs)

Tennis Ball: Shut up.

Orange: Yeah, you shut up Tenner Ball (laughs).

Tennis Ball: Oh, my name is Tennis ball.

Orange: Your a bit of a tenner (laughs)

Tennis Ball: Shut it.

Orange: Why, cause you wanna have little ears? (laughs)

Pear: Err... don't you mean tiny ears?

Tennis Ball: (groans)

Orange: You look like a tenner (laughs).

Tennis Ball: Shut up, you are making my chin itch. Would you just be quiet for 7 mins.

Tennis Ball and Orange: (sighs)

Orange: Hey, Tennis Ball, Hey

Tennis Ball: What?

Orange: Tennis racket.

Tennis Ball: Huh, (screams while getting hit by tennis racket), Stop, Stop, you idiot.

10 Minutes Later

Tennis Ball:AAh Finally

Orange:Hey Hey Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball:What Now 


Tennis Ball Gets Knifed And Screams

Orange:Poor Tennis Ball Talk About A Rising Star HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

fruity queston of the day

did you ever find a tennis ball in your shoe?

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