A short to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Orange: Hey, hey Cranberry! Hey Cranberry! Cranberry! Hey!

Cranberry: Ugh, what is it?

Orange: Where's your family on Thanksgiving? Are they dead and berried? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Cranberry: No, they're alive and well. And they WILL be here for Thanksgiving.

Orange: Yeah, but you won't!

Cranberry: And why is that?

Orange: Blender.

(Cranberry is dropped into the blender, where his family of hundreds is)

Cranberry: See, I told you they'd be here for Thanksgiving!

Orange: I give thanks that I'll be alive!

Cranberry: Wait, what?!?

(The Cranberry Family is blended)

Cranberry Family: YAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Orange: Aw, poor Cranberries. They should've stayed away from wine to prevent getting sauced! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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