Baloney - hey kids, i'm Baloney, your favorite dinosaur. Orange - you are not the only dinosaur, Buddy is the only one. Buddy - yeah, ind i got my two brothers, Lasha and Chokun. . Baloney - welcome to my show. Fruits - Baloney is a bird-winged fool. Baloney - will you all shut up. Buddy - Orange, i don't have any wings. Chokun - Um guys, we need to fight that fool, right Lasha. Lasha - Right, but i need my cycle and you need your mech. Orange - no wings, no cycle, and no mech, hmmmm, oh, i got it, you can make yourself fly, and you can ride your cycle with your chain fang, and your mech, and your golden mace. Buddy - yeah that is a great idea. Chokun and Lasha - good idea. Orange - hey, hey Baloney, i am making Buddy to fly, Lasha ride his cycle, and Chokun pilot his mech, prepare for takeoff, ride the wind. Lasha - Yee-Haw, riding cycle. Buddy - it's working, i'm flying. Baloney - what, t - rexes don't fly and snakes can't drive. Orange - now this one does and that snake does, keep flapping your arms Buddy, and keep going Lasha and Chokun, and activate hammer. Baloney - what [battle between brothers music plays, screams while a giant hammer knocks him in the balls] Orange - hey, hey Baloney. Baloney - what, what is it. Orange - Tanker Truck. Baloney - Oh no, i'm hit, i'm hit. Orange - oh, and one more thing, can you do the oners. Buddy - okay, oh Baloney, Alligator. Baloney - [screams while getting eaten by an alligator] Orange - whoa, i guess Baloney got runned over at a friend's house, [laughs] oh , hey, hey stage. Stage - what. Orange - Thunderstorm. Stage - [screams while getting destroyed by a storm]

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