Orange #1: [beatboxing] "Bored." [laughs]

(five oranges on the kitchen)

Oranges: "Hot potato." (all laugh)

Orange #2: "Hey, jabba the hut."

Dough: "Jabba the what?"

Orange #3: "Hey, doughboy."

Dough: "Hey can it, fruit for brains!"

Orange #4: "Hey, doughboy!"

Dough: "What?"

Orange #4: "Level 5 Rolling pin."

Orange #5: "That was flat all wrong!"

(Mother Orange and other oranges laugh)

(Two minutes later, 10 oranges in the kitchen)

Oranges #2 and 6: "Have you tried wiggling?"

Dough: "Of course I have. It's no use. I'm stuck."

Oranges #1 and 7: "Hey! What if we greased you in butter even harder."

Dough: "I am greased in butter. Very hard."

Oranges #8 and 9: "Ugh, too much information, dude."

Dough: (groans) "This is the worst day ever."

Orange #10: "Hey, hey what's going on over th--"

Oranges #3 and 4: "Uh oh."

Dough: "What is it?"

Oranges #1, 6, and 9: "Um... nothing."

Dough: "That didn't sound like nothing. Oh no...!"

(Three hours later, 25 oranges in the kitchen)

Oranges #4, #9, #11, #12, and #13: "Hey, who cut the cheese?" (all laugh)

Cheese: "You say that one more time, and I swear I'm gonna hurt you!"

Oranges #14, #15, #16, #17, and #18: "You know what hey say, two's company. Cheese-a crowd." (all laugh)

Cheese: "I hate you all and I hate your stupid puns!"

Orange #1: "Hey, oranges. Can you do this?" (babbling)

(All 25 oranges babble)

All oranges: "You're an apple." (laughs)

Cheese: "I can't take anymore stupid puns!"

(10 minutes later, 100 oranges in the kitchen)

All oranges: "You're an apple."

Pepper: "I'm a pepper. Hey, knife!"

Knife: "Yeah?"

Pepper: "Kill all these oranges!"

(Knife chops pepper instead)

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