Annoying Orange: The Movie is a 2015 upcoming American comedy live-action film based on the Annoying Orange series. The length of the film is 93/92 minutes. The plot is that Liam has grown tired of Orange and his antics, and has formed a team to destroy him.  orange and his friends must travel to a  destination trapped in time in order to open a portal that will send liam back to his homeworld forever.  However, little do they know, Liam is hot on their trail, and has a personal score to settle with Orange. He's determined to finish a job he's started 3 years earlier, and orange and friends will see through the epic and shocking end. The movie released on theaters on January 9, 2015 and produced by Davis Entertainment, The Collective and 20th Century Fox.


The Movie is a darker, more comedic movie than the original series. The film starts with the story of Orange who found his love.

Songs of the movie:

I'm orange!(by orange)

Destroy orange!(by Liam the lepachan and other bad guys)

Lego house(ed sheehan with orange's and friends voice in it called fruit house)

Future run(by Neo apple)

I'm the greatest( by Fred figglehorn)

Were the the one's who are gonna save orange(by midget apple and friends)

Mountain of vegetables( by DimetroZord )

My life with orange ( by Darwin)

I am Bowser (in the scene were bowser arrived)

I'm orange replay(with every one's voice and Nerville and squash in the end)

directed by Dane boedighiemer

Prouduced by spencer grove and dane boedighiemer.

Animated by Dane boedighiemer

Voice actors:

Dane boedighiemer

Justine frank

Robert Jennings

Kevin brueck

tim allan

tom kenny


Tobey turner(as nerville)

Lucas cruikshank(as Fred figglehorn)

Robert Jennings (as Liam the lepechaun)

Frank welker (as the postman)

Tom kenny (as the fruit gradner in the scene were he helps pear and the others to save orange)




Passion Fruit




Grampa Lemon








Liam The Leprechaun



main characters:

the annoyed fruits and vegetables

robot orange

neo apple

tomato crusher

Dr. Mini


Dark Sonic

Pink Panther (cameo)


  • Scrat from Ice Age makes a cameo appearence in the end credits.
  • The first Annoying Orange film released on theaters.

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