This is a movie based on The Annoying Orange. It will come out in 2013 and trailers will come out in the december of 2012. It uses the same types of animation and special affects as the web-show. It will be directed by the guy who directs the web-show and also written by the guy who writes the web-show.


Grapefruit and Liam the Lepercaun seek revenge on Orange and team up. Liam grants Grapefruit 3 wishes and he gets limbs, awsome hair, and a magic mustache. He becomes "The Orange-Eating Butt-Kicker." Liam summons Fred and creates a rematch of there PesterFest battle. Fred attacks Orange when he tries to ask out Passion. Pear helps Orange escape by asking Knife to do them a favor and chase Fred. Later, Orange and Pear escape by riding on a rainbow with Marshmallow and Midget Apple (It's little apple!) wich confuses Pear and Orange mainly because.. well.. there riding on a rainbow. The Orange-Eating Butt-Kicker uses his magic mustache to levitate himself all the way up to the rainbow. Orange calls him "mustachio." Fred eventually finds the rainbow and looks for Orange and Pear. Liam disguises himself as Grampa Lemon and catches the guys. Passion and real Grampa Lemon climb up the rainbow and meet Fred. Fred shrieks and runs away when he sees that there's more talking food then just Orange and Pear. Liam brings the guys to his secret lair and tie them up to a blender, then a human tries making a smoothie out of them. Fred sees Liam was trying to destroy Orange and not make a re-match so he joins Orange and snatches the guys away when the chef person isn't looking. Later, Grape-Fruit and his magic 'stache catch Orange and Fred. Fred screams and Orange sings an annoying song at the same time and Grapefruit is so annoyed his magic mustache combosts and burns half his face. Fred and Orange catch up with Liam and try annoying him so he will go away, but he has ear-plugs. Passion and Grampa Lemon catch up with Orange just when Grapefruit arrives, and kidnaps Passion and Grampa Lemon. Liam tries destroying Fred and Orange just when Marshmallow pukes an explosion of sprinkles into Liam's face and destroys him. Orange sees a note left by Grapefruit and go back to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Grapefruit has Passion in his arms and Grampa Lemon dangling over a pot of hot soup. Grapefruit pulls out a spoon and points it at Orange. Fred is spotted by the people in the kitchen and kicked out, so he cant help. Grapefruit asks Orange "Any Last Words?" and Orange replies "Well, Just One." Grapefruit asks what, and Orange simply says "...Knife." Just then Knife swoops down and chops Grapefruit in half and everything is perfect. Besides just one thing, though... Marshmallow and Midget Apple (Little Apple!) are missing! The End?

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