This is a sequel to Annoying Orange: The Movie!


Orange is shown annoying Raspberry, until Pear tells Orange to "look out". Orange says "Look out? But Look-Fruit isn't here!" Then Carrot says "I am here! And just because I help people see, doesn't mean I'm called a Look-Fruit!" but Orange just roll shis eyes. After a moment of scilence, Orange finally says "Hey, Look-Fruit!" and Carrot replies "I'M NOT FRICKIN' LOOK-FRUIT!" but Orange just says "No, I meant to say look, Fruit!" Just then a middle-schooler grabs Carrot and drops him in his lunch-bag. Everyone screams besides Orange who is for some reason giggling. Pear then says "See, Orange! That's why I told you to look out! It's that dumb kid who always goes around fruit-napping and do the police arrest him? No! Smae with Knife!" The camera zooms out and shows Knife just above Raspberry as Knife says "Hey! Pear, you know I always chop on accident!" Orange grins and says "Speaking of which, Raspberry!" Raspberry yells "For the last time, shut up! Just shut the heck up, you tangerine terror!" Orange replies "But Tangerine has already been put in the Lunch-Box! Oh, yeah. Knife!" Knife says what but at the same time accidently drops down and slices Raspberry in half as Raspberry's last words are "Rosebud!" Just then, the middle-schooler grabs Orange and puts him in the Lunch-Box. The camera goes to a middle-school cafiteria where Orange is shown on a lunch-tray in between 2 other lunch-trays with an annoying Papaya in one and an annoying Tofu in the other. The Papaya, Orange, and the Tofu, at the same exact times, scream "Where am I?!!" Just behind them, a wise yet moldy Fortune Cookie tells them there in the school. Orange asks him why he's so moldy and he says "Well, all foods here get aten by those pesky 6th, 7th, and 8th graders., but I hid under this here exact table for exactly 12 years! Heeeheeheee! They'll never eat me! Never! Ever! Haahahahhaha!" He keeps laughing maniacally until Tofu says "Hey, moldy Fortune Cookie!" The Fortune Cookie says what and Tofu replies "7th grader!" and just then a hand grabs the Forune Cookie, eats it, and barfs. All 3 laugh. Just then, Orange says "Hey, guys, how do we get out of here exactly?" They both say "Well, we were about to ask you the same exact question!" Just then, a bell rings. All the fruits (that haven't been aten, or, in the moldy Fortune Cookie's case, barfed out) scream. All the kids run outside chanting "Recess! Recess! Recess!" Our 3 edible pests then jump off the table and roll around on the floor screaming until they crash out the door where all the middle-schoolers went. Meanwhile, in the Kitchen, Pear, Marshmallow, and Midget Apple ("It's Little Apple!) are yelling "Orange! Orange! Where are you Orange?!" Just then, Knife swoops down and almost chops the 3 in half, then they run screaming as the hand is chasing them with the Knife. Knife continually stabs the counter trying to catch them. Marshmallow then sneezes out a rainbow and blasts a hole through Knife only for him to say "Ow!" (NOTE: This page is currently under-construction. Don't edit it until it is finished.)

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