Annoying Orange appears in The Muppet Show.

Scooter: Orange? Orange? 13 seconds to curtain Orange!

Orange: Thanks Scooter! I'll scoot on stage! Ha!

(Kermit announces Orange and the season 3 theme song for the muppets plays.)

Kermit: Hello! Welcome to the muppet show! Oh, we have a brillianr show for you tonight because tonight is the annoying Orange! But first, let's take time to sing...

Orange: You're in the freezer...and something evil's lurking behind Fozzie...

Fozzie: Ahhhh!

Orange: Under the moonlight, you want to run but you know you wouldn't dare.

Fozzie: What?

Orange: You're gonna scream 'cause all the muppets in here have become zombies. You start to freeze but the freezer swallows you it's no surprise. You're paralyzed! 'Cause this is chiller, chiller night. And no one's gonna save you from that crazy Kermit now Chiller, chiller night You're fighting for your life inside the chiller, chiller, chiller...

Statler: That was stupid.

Waldorf: Yeah. Did you hear about the new thriller?

Statler: (freezes)

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