Michu comes to the kitchen again with Pikachu and Diper.

"Annoying Orange: The Return of Michu the cat"
Episode: 337
Airdate: January 5th 2012
Episode References: Lucky! Episode: 337 is 1337.
Characters: Orange, Michu, Pikachu (doesn't talk, only say Hi), Diper (doesn't talk, only say Hi)
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: In Mario Land Part 2"


Michu: Hi Orange! I come back AGAIN. Those are my 2 friends, Pikachu and Diper.

Pikachu and Diper: Hi!

Orange: Hey Michu!

Michu: What?

Orange: *tounge noise*

Michu: LOL!

Orange: What means Lol?

Michu: A simple leet Laugh.


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