(Dark, stormy night, Sad music plays)

Orange: (very upset, sighs) Why does everyone start ignoring me?

(flashback 1)

Pear: Orange, I'm tired of being the voice of reason around here but you don't take this seriously, now I had left the kitchen, for good!

(end flashback 1, flashback 2, it goes all over again)

Midget Apple: You kept calling me Midget Apple, and like a million times already, it's little apple!

Passion Fruit: Shut up. How many times do Pear has to be the voice of reason around here? It's because of you!

Shelly: Your puns really do annoy people!

Knife: I am trying to keep the peace, but you do annoy others by saying "Knife"!

Apple: What do you think's gonna happen? If you keep your mouth completely shut, nothing will happen!!

Marshmallow: Don't.. leave.. me....(faints)

Potato: Orange, You are the most insensitive jerk in the entire planet! I hope You get chopped up and made into orange juice, You stupid, sad seed of a fruit!!

Grandpa Lemon: (snoring)

Grapefruit: You always have Passion prefer you over me, and one day I'm gonna kill you!

Liam the Leprechaun: You're the biggest jerk in the whole wide world, and I'm not gonna take this anymore!

(end flashbacks)

Orange: THAT'S IT!!

(Mistletoe appears)

Mistletoe: What's wrong, Orange?

Pear: He started thinking that everyone really ignored him.

Orange: I really wish that I was never born! Pear, I'm sure you'll be happy about this!

Pear: What? No! Come back...

(Orange disappears with Mistletoe)

Pear: (sobs) No...Orange...

Marshmallow: (cries)

(title card)

Mistletoe: You really wishes you could see more about the world without you, right? Behold!

Orange: Whoa! I am not really born!

Mistletoe: Behold! Pear!

Pear: (nervously) Uh.. Hi! My name's Pear.

(Pear then gets beat up by other fruits)

Mistletoe: This Pear is an outcast, like I told you before. He usually gets bullied by other fruits and vegetables.

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple!

Grapefruit: I said nobody cares!

Midget Apple: But you must call me Little Ap..

Grapefruit: Shut up! You're Midget Apple and that's final!!

Mistletoe: This Grapefruit is one of the bullies who beat up Pear and Midget Apple, but Midget Apple is braver than Pear.

Cheese Cracker: My name is Cheese Cracker. (nervously) Would you be my friend?

Grapefruit: You think you are a ginger? Huh, huh?

Ginger's Soul: I told you I am a ginger, and you are a square-shaped orange in God knows what!

Cheese Cracker: Not you now!

Mistletoe: This Grapefruit thinks he is a ginger, but the soul of Ginger caught him.

Orange: Hey I remember Ginger!

Paprika: Well you are nervous because not only because you are a ginger it's because you have no friends.

Cheese Cracker: Who are you?!

Paprika: Well I'm Paprika, nice to meet you!

Cheese Cracker: Paprika? Is that a fruit or a vegetable?

Paprika: I'm none, just a seasoning. Like Salt and Pepper.

Orange: Whoa! That guy knows how to make a point! (laughs)

Cheese Cracker: Would you be my friend?

Paprika: Sure, now let's go meet some friends!

Mistletoe: Cheese Cracker was taught by Paprika.

Orange: Let's go back!

(Orange appears back to the kitchen with Mistletoe)

All: Merry Christmas!!

Orange: You are not a dork anymore, Cheese Cracker and Pear.

Cheese Cracker: Hey, I'm not a dork!

Passion Fruit: Orange, you seem different.

Marshmallow: Yay! Orange is back! hehehe!

Pear: Yeah. We're sorry that we ignored you.

Liam the Leprechaun: (poofs) Ohh, Don't start the party without me! (chuckles)

Mistletoe: (sighs angrilly)

Orange: Hey, Hey Mistletoe!

Mistletoe: WHAT?!!

Orange: Knife.

(Knife cuts Mistletoe)

Knife: Hey, Orange! Sorry I'm late!

(everyone screams)

Knife: What? Guys, It's cool! I just wanted to say Merry Christ-Oh, Crap! I did it again, didn't I?

(everyone laughs)

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