The Trolls (with three more trolls) return to the kitchen and criticize everything again.

Orange: (does tongue noise)

Apple: Ok, ok! Shut up already! You've been doing this for hours!

Orange: Come on! It's fun!

Troll 1: It's too old!

Orange: Huh?! Did you say something?

Apple: Nope.

Cheez-It: Who are those?

Pear: I can hear.. the same voice!

Troll 2: Lame..

Midget Apple: Uh oh. Here they come again!

Cheez-It: Midget Apple, do you know who they are?

Midget Apple: They are trolls, and I'M A LITTLE APPLE!

Marshmallow: Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! (laughs)

Troll 3: This song is too old.

Orange: Uh oh! There's some more trolls!

Troll 1: It's too fake.

Troll 4: Totally stupid.

Troll 5: Laammmmmmmme.

Cheez-It: What's lame?

(title card shows and Trollin' is played)

Apple: Those guys..

Orange: They criticize me.

Cheez-It: Haven't heard of them before.

Apple: Well, good for you!

Everyone: Apple! Shut up!

Apple: Ok, Ok, relax.

Troll 6: It's good when your jokes are stupid and annoying.

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