(From outer space, a UFO flies to Earth)

(Meanwhile, in the kitchen)

Orange: Hey, hey Juice Box! Hey!

Juice Box: What do you want now?!

Orange: Can you do this? (spits seed)

Juice Box: OW!! Please stop spitting seeds! That's very rude!

Orange: Come on! Don't lose your head easily!

Juice Box: I will not lose my head if you shut up.

Orange: What do you mean "shut up"? (laughs)

Juice Box: THAT'S IT!!

Orange: Hey, hey Juice Box!

Juice Box: WHAT NOW?!?!

Orange: Flying saucer!

(nothing appears)

Juice Box: What are you talking about- (gets abducted by UFO and screams)

Orange: Woah!

(Alien appears)

Orange: Uh-Oh!

Alien: I am Alan the Alien!

Not done. Feel free to contribute and remove the message when you do so.

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