"Annoying Orange: Viral Vote 4"
Episode: 22
Airdate: May 4, 2012
Characters: Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon
Fanon Episode Guide
"Try Not To Laugh!"

Annoying Orange: Viral Vote 4 is about Orange & The Gang spoof "Kid Gets Owned By Backpacks", "INVASION!!!", "YO MAMA!", " Afro Ninja", & "Star Wars Kid".

Spoof List

  1. Midget Apple Gets Owned By Seeds (Staring Midget Apple & Orange)
  2. BLENDER!!! (Staring Orange)
  3. YO APPLE! (Staring Grapefruit)
  4. Afro Pear (Staring Pear)
  5. Star Wars Orange (Staring Orange)

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