Orange and the gang annoy a band called the Whites, which contains four white Radishes, who were having a band practice.


  • White Radish 1: Oh, my baby, you are my love, and... (phone rings) Hey! Someone is calling us! It must be our teacher! (picks up phone) Hello?
  • Orange: Hey, Hey radish.
  • White Radish 1:WHAT ?!
  • Orange - You're an apple!
  • White Radish 1: SHUT UP!! Is that you?
  • Skales, Fangtom, Acidicus, Skalidor, and Pythor: WAZZUP!!!
  • White Radish 1: ORANGE!!!
  • Orange: (laughs with Buddy and the Serpentine]
  • White Radish 1: Dude! I'm right here! OK, you gotta stop calling me!
  • Orange: Why? Don't you have to 'white' about it. (laughs with the gang)
  • White Radish 1: (fake laughs) Shut it!
  • White Radish 2: Can we continue our practice?
  • White Radish 1: Seriously, shut up Buddy and the Serpentine.
  • Orange: Hey, Hey Radish!
  • White Radish 1: What!
  • Orange: You look foolish [laughs]
  • White Radish 1: OK, Orange, look. We're practicing for a concert! We want to win the 1st.. (phone rings) ORANGE!!
  • Orange: It's not me.
  • White Radish 1: Prove it. (picks up phone) Hello?
  • Pear and Midget Apple: WAZZUP!!!
  • Orange: WAZZUP!!!
  • White Radishes: STOP, STOP, STOP!!!
  • All: (laugh)
  • White Radish 1: What did I just tell you guys?!
  • Orange: Hey, hey chubby white carrot!
  • White Radish 1: We are radishes!
  • Orange: Chubby White Carrot!
  • White Radish 1: WHAT?!
  • Orange, Pear , Midget Apple, Marshmallow Buddy, and the Serpentine: Chubby White Carrot!
  • White Radish 1: WHAAT!
  • Marshmallow, Shelly, and Dorako: Forklift!
  • White Radish 1: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! [screams while getting lifted up by a forklift]
  • Leilons: Whoa.
  • King Molerat: Oh my god!
  • White Radish 1: OH MY GOD! STOP, STOP.
  • All: DUMP TRUCK.
  • White Radish 1: Ahhhhhhhh, stop it!
  • Orange and Baragon: Someone got dumped.
  • Pear and Reconstructed Pandon: Neither us.
  • White Radish 1: Ok. If i pick up my phone, and if it's someone shouting "WAZZUP", we'll throw our instruments on all of you! Ok. (picks up phone) Hello?
  • Grapefruit: BOX!
  • Grandpa Lemon: WAZZUP!!
  • Lagoras, Fire Golza, and Chaos Ridorias: Chubby White Carrot!
  • All: WAZZUP!!!
  • Radishes: STOP!!!
  • (Grandpa Lemon falls asleep)
  • Orange: Ax!
  • Radishes - AAAAHHHHHHHHH, [screaming while getting sliced in half by an ax]
  • Orange: Whoa! Talk about a critical slice party! (all laugh)

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