"Annoying Orange: World Domination"
[[Image:World Domination|center|240px]]
Episode: 63
Airdate: April 18, 2011
Characters: Orange, Marshmallow,Taffyta Muttonfudge Shelly, Iron Fist, Dragonfruit, Lettuce, Midget Apple, George Bush
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"Annoying Orange at the Haunted Sea"

Iron Fist gives Orange a chance to rule the world.

Fruity Question of the Day

What would you do if you ruled the world?


Iron Fist: Step right up for your chance to rule the world with an iron fist!

Orange: Rule the world? That sounds fun!

Iron Fist: Why would you want to rule the world?

Orange: I don’t know.

Iron Fist: Good enough. What can you do?

Orange: I’ll show you. Hey, Dragonfruit!

Dragonfruit: What is it, Orange?

Orange: Knife.

(Dragonfruit screams and gets chopped up)

Iron Fist: That’s it?

Orange: Usually I get to talk to them more.

Midget Apple: Yeah, then they get really mad because you’re annoying.

Iron Fist: So, all you do is annoy people until they get chopped up?

Orange: Pretty much.

Iron Fist: I see how this could work. How would you like your own television series?

Orange: I thought we were supposed to take over the world!

Iron Fist: Plenty of people have taken over the world by appearing on television.

Orange: Oh yeah! That’s how Bush got elected back in 2004!

Bush: Are you misunderestimating me?

Iron Fist: Exactly my point. All you need now is a way to get around.

Orange: How about a time-traveling shopping cart?

Iron Fist: Brilliant! You’ll be worshipped like a god in no time!

Orange: Hey, Bush!

Bush: Yeah?

Orange: Hedge trimmers.

Bush: What?

(A pair of hedge trimmers begin pruning Bush, Bush screams)

(Marshmallow and Shelly come in the room)

Shelly: Oh, so that's where my hedge trimmers went!

Marshmallow: Yay! I love groundhogs!

Orange: Where have you two been?

Shelly: Um, looking for my hedge trimmers, Orange.

Lettuce: Hey, what's all the racket about?

Shelly: Oh my god, Lettuce, look out! Knife!

Lettuce: Huh?

Shelly: Knife!

Lettuce: (getting chopped in half.) Aaaaaah!

(Orange, Shelly, Marshmallow and Midget Apple all scream)

Iron Fist: Whoa!

Orange: Did Pear teach you that?

Midget Apple: Nope, Mart and I did.

Marshmallow: Hey, what's with the silver hand guy?

Orange: Oh, that's Iron Fist. He's gonna help me rule the world.

Shelly: Orange, this guy is a rip-off. My cousin Zoe met him once and he tried to sell her fake kryptonite.

Iron Fist: Oh crap! She's Zoe's cousin?!?!?!

Orange: Yep, so's her brother, Mart. Now can I get my TV series?

Iron Fist: Here's the card from my agent.

Midget Apple: Orange don't do it!

Shelly: The card! It's covered with electricity!

Marshmallow: Yay! Bunnies!

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