Pear comes in a karate suit. Orange thinks he wants to fight.


Orange: Hey, c'mon Midget Apple. Give me that ball.

Midget Apple: (holding the ball) For the last time! It's not mine.

Orange: Well who's is it then.

Midget Apple: Guanabana's. He's on the karate match. Watch it on T.V.

(on television)

Voice: Guanabana V.S Promagramet

Guanabana: (punchs promagrmet on the face and kills him) Yaaaaaaaaay I won. I won!

(back in the kitchen)

Orange: He's not a good fighter.

Marshmallow: Hey, did someone say fighter. I love fighters!

Midget Apple: (groans)

Pear Hi guys, do you like my costume.

Orange: Pear, you're on the karate match too.

Pear: No,

Orange: Sign up for the karate match.

Marshmallow: Yeah, come on Pear.

Pear: I don't think I should.

Midget Apple: Come on!

Pear: Okay.

Orange and Marshmallow: Yaaay!

Marhmallow: Pear's gonna be on T.V.

(the next day at 6.00am)

Midget Apple: Wake up, Orange

Orange: (wakes up) Hey, It's early in the morning. I'm going back to sleep.

Marshmallow: No, Pear's on T.V.

Orange: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

(15 mins later in the karate stadium)

Voice: Ladies and gentelfruit. Vegetables and fruits. May I present you the one and only Guanabana.

Guanabana: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Voice: And our new fighter, The Ivincible Pear

Pear: How am I suppose to fight.

Voice: 3, 2, 1, Fight!

Guanabana: (punchs pear on the face and gives him a purple eye)


Audiance: Puch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch!

(back in the kitchen)

Orange: Hey Guanabana.

Midghet Apple: How the hell is he gonna here you from here.

Orange: Knife!

(back in the stadium)

Guanabana: Huh, (screams whilst getting cut in half)

Voice: Pear wins!

(fruity question of the day)

(Who shall I make Pear fight next?)

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