In this episode, Orange and the gang are attacked by zombie llamas.


Turkey: *makes turkey noise 2 times*

Pear: Shut up! I'm trying to read.

Garrett the Parrot: You're reading Twilight!

(Goats attack Pear)

Ham: Why are there so many animals in here?

Several Parrots: I don't know.

Nerville: No! I left the door open!

(Lion eats Nerville)

Orange: Now who's gonna close the door?

Daneboe: Leave it up to the Danester!

(Daneboe gets eaten by a Tyrannosaurus)

Carrot: Well, that leads us to our final people.

(All other humans characters get trampled on by pigs, zombie llamas walk into kitchen)

Orange, Pear, and Carrot: AAAAAAAH!

(title card)

Zombie Llama: Maa.

(Zombie Llama bites a duck)

Pear: No! The animals are getting bitten and turning into zombies!

(Zombie Rhino bites Pear)

Pear: Uhhh......human brains.

Orange and Carrot: No!

(Mario gets in the kitchen, but gets eaten by a hippo)

Orange: Roll away!

(Carrot tries to roll, but doesn't and gets bitten by a Zombie Pot Belly Pig)

Carrot: Brains................

Orange: I guess I can....


Announcer: It's time for Ask Ora......wait, wrong transcript.

(Dragon goes trough screen)

Announcer: Nooooooooooooo!

Fruity Question of the Day


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