Orange becomes friend with Rey Mysterio.


Santino Marella: (Cheers while winning a WWE match) I can't belive I actually won Rey Mysterio!

Rey Mysterio: (sais to himself) What can I do. ever since I've lost the christmas battle royal, I've lost all the wrestling matchs.

(The next day Mysterio was looking for something to eat in the fridge and he saw Orange.)

Orange: Hey, your famous!

Rey: WTF!

Orange: How come you loss Santino. He's weak!

Rey: (Sadly) No, Im weak!

Orange: Okay, In your next match, Hide me in your pocket!

Rey: What!

(next week in a normal match)

Commentater: 1st coming in Kane!

Kane: (Goes in the ring)

Commentater: And his Oponent, Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio: (Hides Orange in his pocket.)

(Rey wins the match!)

Rey: How did you do that?

Orange: Magic!

(Later that evening, Kane has a meeting with Undertaker)

Kane: I know he was cheating. He had something in his pocket. Something smooth!

Undertaker: Look, I hate Mysterio as much as you do! But, if you say he's cheating, I'll be your enemy. Again!

(2 hrs later, Mysterio and Orange bump into Sin Cara)

Sin Cara: Wait do you have something in your hand.

Rey: It's a secret, don't tell anyone! It's a talking Orange!

Orange: Hey, you both look the same. You both wear masks, your high flyers, your Mexican and your mini.

Sin Cara: WAIT, DID YOU JUST CALL ME MINI! I'm no where mini. Look at Mysteri

(The next morning Undertaker joins Kane in a handicapped match against Rey mysterio)

Commetater: Here comes The Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker and Kane.

(Entrance finishes)

Commetater: And there oppnents, Rey Mysterio.

(Match Begins:Rey Mysterio wins them in 25 seconds)

Undertaker: You're right Kane, he is cheating. He didn't even have a partner and he won us.

(Next week, Undertaker finds out by checking Mysterio's pocket and because of that, Orange goes to Fruit Jail

Orange: I'm bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored and booooooooooooooooooreed.

(Rey comes out of now-where and saves Orange.)


Fruity Question of the Day

Undertaker or Kane?

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