"Annoying Orange - Hey Messi!"
Characters: Orange, Lionel Messi (and his team), Cristiano Ronaldo (and his team), the referee, the crowd.
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"Annoying Orange - Road Runnah!"
"Annoying Orange - Bugs Bunny'ed"
   Orange annoys Lionel Messi in a middle of a soccer match!


(In a middle of a football match, Orange fell out of someone's bag and fell right on where you play. Barcelona was winning Real Madrid 6-5)

Messi - (Celebrates after the 6th goal.)

Orange - Hey Lionel Messi, hey Lionel Messi, hey!

Messi - Seriously, What do you want. I'm in a middle of the soccer match! Okay!

Orange - I just wanted to say that....

(Ronaldo scores a goal and celebrates.)

Messi - Look what you done, now we're drawing Real Madrid. Thanks a lot you stupid orange!

Orange - I'm not stupid, I'm an Orange! (laughs)

Messi: Look if one more word comes out of you, I swear i'm going to eat you.

Orange - Uh, oh!

Messi - What d' you mean, uh, oh!

Orange - Your losing 6-7.

Messi - (looks at the scoreboard and the score is 6-7) Grrrrrrrr! This ment everything yo me!!!

Orange - Hey Messi!

Messi - What!!!

Orange - Knife!!

Fruity Question of the Day

Who's your favorite football player?

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