"Annoying Orange - Smosh"
Episode: 23
Airdate: Febuary 21, 2013
Episode References: Smosh

Moshi Monsters

Characters: Orange, Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Katsuma, Diavlo
Fanon Episode Guide
"Seasons Change"
"Robot Orange"
Orange meets smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla).


Ian: (Wakes up early in the morning and goes down stairs for breakfast, but hears noises in the freezer. Opens freezer and sees Orange, which was the noise.)

Orange: Hey, you must be Ian!

Ian: (screams)

Anthony: (Wakes up by scream) Dude, what the hell is the matter! You woke me up!

Ian: Anthony, you must come down here! Quick!

Anthony: (Comes downstairs) Yeah, what!

Ian: I see a talking orange.

Anthony: He's my friend, his name is Orange.

Ian: What!

Anthony: Remember, I went to the super market yesterday. I found there all alone.

Ian: But, How can he talk.

Anthony: Well, nearly everything can talk.

Orange: Yeah, Katsuma and Diavlo can talk!

Ian: Who's Katsuma and Diavlo!

Diavlo: Us!

Katsuma: We're Diavlo and Katsuma!

Ian: I'm not getting anything.

Orange: What thing!

Ian: I'm just going to jump out a damn window. (Jumps off a damn window)

Diavlo: Sad ending.

Everyone: (laughs)

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