This is the first Annoying Orange Around the World. In it, Orange teases, annoys, and kills animals.


Elephant #1: Have you seen the new fruit exhibit?

Elephant #2: It's called a kitchen, you nitwit!

Orange: Hey! Hey fatties! Hey fatties, hey!

Both Elephants: What?

Orange: Poacher!

[poacher shoots the elephants]

Orange: Hey! Hey 1000 monkeys! Hey 1000 monkeys hey

Monkey #692: Uhh...yeah?

Orange: Asteroid!

[asteroid hits the monkey house]

Orange: Hey! Hey giraffes! Hey girrafes, hey!

Giraffe: Will you keep it down! I'm trying to sleep!

Orange: Nope! And by the way, Crocodile!

[crocodile eats giraffe, Orange goes to the Animal Kingdom Roundup]

Squash: No! Don't go there!

Orange: Knife!

[Squash gets cut in half, Orange goes into large hut]

Orange: Welcome, everyone, welcome! I gathered you all here to witness.....ruckus!

Crocodile in Sunglasses: Meh, whatevs.

[Many different deaths occur, such as crocodiles, asteroids, poachers, squashes, knives, falling buildings, etc.]

Orange: Whoa! This really is a matter of life and death! Hahahaha!

[Orange gets eaten by a baboon]

Fruity Question of the Week

What is your favorite animal?

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