Super Orange, PZ-R, Mighty Grapefruit, Mass Midget and Tanookmallow go into a portal where they must stop Liam from kidnapping Cheez-It. Passion Fruit notices that the portal is back and Passion Fruit hops in and transforms into Pluto Passion.


Super Orange: An orange that has an Über Mask and can shoot fireballs.

PZ-R: A robotic pear that has a visor.

Mighty Grapefruit: A monstrous green grapefruit that kills evil fruits.

Mass Midget: An apple that sits on a cloud like Latiku from Super Mario Bros.

Tanookmallow: A marshmallow that is bigger than his original counterpart and has a tanooki tail.

Pluto Passion: A Passion fruit that lived on Pluto until it became a moon. A new character and Passion Fruit in a different form.


Big Bang Theory

Cold Pluto

Mine Zone


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