Orange: La, la, la, la, la, la!

Pear: Great!

Godzilla: (loud roar)

(Orange screams)

(title appears)

Godzilla: I have you in a moment.

Orange: Hey, Goozilla!

Godzilla: I am not Goozilla! I'm Godzilla!

Pear: OK.

Passion Fruit: This monster is called Godzilla, but he is like a huge, big monster!

Orange: Godzilla! You are a creature. (laughs)

Godzilla: I am creature! Why not?

Passion Fruit: Pear?

Pear: What? Yes!

Godzilla: Pear and Passion Fruit, stop! Stop!

Orange: Goozilla! Can you sing my song?

Godzilla: No!

Orange: Like This! (orange sings) I love fruits, monsters, aliens, martians, apples, kale, red chard, plums, rainbows, skunks, bats, balls, snails, and rainbow chard!

Godzilla: Stop!

Orange: Hey, Goozilla!

Godzilla: What?

Orange: Sonic!

Godzilla: Huh?

Sonic: Ha Ha Ha! (stoles Godzilla)

Orange: Ew!

Sonic: Hello! My name is Sonic!

Passion Fruit: Sonic? Why did you said that?

Orange: Sonic! You are a hedgehog. You are an animal! (laughs)

Sonic: I am! (laughs)

Orange: (laughs)

Sonic: Oh look! There is something over there!

Orange: Hey Cyclops!

Cyclops: What?

Sonic: Sharp Needle!

Cyclops: Ow! Aah! Roar!

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