Orange: Pear! Pear

Pear: Oh yeah!

Passion Fruit: No more pizza bagel jokes!

King Kong: (stomps and roar)

Orange: Oh my!

(title appears)

King Kong: Do not scream!

Orange: Come on!

King Kong: No!

Orange: Come On!

Pear: Dude, orange will hurt king kong.

King Kong: It's my thing to do!

Orange: Hey king kong! Can you pop bubbles in your mouth?

King Kong: Nooooo!

Orange: Like this! (orange pops bubbles in his mouth)

Pear: Be quiet!

Passion Fruit: We look like fruits.

Orange: What did the gorilla had a friend?

King Kong: I don't know! (grunts like a vampire)

Orange: Cyclops! (laughs)

Passion Fruit: I like it!

King Kong: No!

Orange: Hey King Kong!

King Kong: What?

Orange: Mountain

(mountain falls on the king kong's head and fells down)

Orange: Whoa! Talk about a friendkin!

Passion Fruit: Mac O!

Space Godzilla: Passion Fruit!

Orange: Hey space godzilla!

Space Godzilla: What?

Orange: Motorboat!

(orange and space godzilla buzzing like a motorboat)

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