(Orange and Pear is playing Kirby's adventure wii)

Orange:This game is boring... I can't even move!

Pear:I think you can't move because you don't have hands!

Orange: I wish i can play :(

(Liam came out with an explosion)

Liam:This is my pot of gold!

Orange: I don't care... I wish i can play :(

Liam: You got it!

(Orange and Pear finds theirselves in dreamland with an explosion)

Pear:Wh-Where are we?

Orange:WE ARE IN GAME! Hey pink jelly-gum! Pink jelly-gum hey!

Kirby: HIIIII!

Pear:Hi you too!

(marshmallow slides on a rainbow)

Marshmallow: That was fun. Yaaay!

Orange:Marshmallow! Meet pink jelly-gum!


Marshmallow:Yaaaay! Kirby is over here! Is this a dream?

Orange:Yes ths is a DREAM! land... (laughes) Hey! Who is Kirby?

Pear:I think "Kirby" is pink jelly-gum...

Orange:Hey kirby! Hey kirby hey!


Orange:Oh no...

(Kirby eats Orange)

(5 mins later...)


King Dedede: Shut the (bleep) up! (is defeated)

Kirby: You!

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